American Landscape Architect Writes Book About Working in China for Over a Decade

“The Tragic Kingdom or; Prisoner in a Chinese Theme Park”, (found on most book dealer websites;
Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc), is a behind-the-scenes look into the field of
design and build in China.
The book is a profile of the personalities, culture, and psychology of the
world’s most massive looming superpower as seen through the eyes of an ex-pat

“I have lived and worked in China for over ten years, competing within their system, making my way as everything from a freelance artist in
small operations to a senior designer for large corporations. I have witnessed
a formidable decade in which China
has commanded a modern presence on the world stage. I have participated in the
planning, designing, and building of mega-theme parks in Beijing, world-class
aquariums in Shanghai, gigantic malls in the Pearl Delta, resorts in Tibet, and
panda relocation projects in the foothills of the Himalayas”.

The true stories and themes found in The Tragic Kingdom, spring from one man’s journey. At the same time they disclose truths about a
globalization that eventually will impact every economy, lifestyle, and person
on the planet.


Broc Smith

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