4 AutoCAD Commands to Draw Paving Patterns on Curving Paths


A useful AutoCAD tutorial from our resident AutoCAD expert UrbanLISP to help you with drawing paving patterns on curving paths. You can hatch objects in AutoCAD with default paving patterns. Considering the amount of paving materials available, it’s fair to say these hatches are a bit limited for landscape architects. It’s possible to create custom hatch patterns, but one problem will remain; hatch patterns are continuous patterns. That’s fine when you’re drawing, for instance, a herringbone pattern, a pattern that doesn’t change when it’s on a curving path. Stretcher bond and running bond can both follow gentle curving paths. In this case, the pattern is build up out of one size element that alternates every strip with half a stone. If you want to have a more playful look you can use a wild stretcher bond or a wild running bond pattern with random size elements. The patterns are buildup out of linear entities so you can trim out and extend the pattern where you want. You can find these AutoCAD commands in the UrbanLISP app store. As long as they are stamped with the social download stamp you can download them for free and try them out. WATCH the Full Tutorial Here:

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