9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects (Part 2)

9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects (Part 2)

Our first collection of Youtube videos for landscape architects was such a major hit, that we had to follow it up with part 2. We did our best to compose a list with a rich diversity while keeping it relevant to outdoor design, delivering to you a list with a bit of comedy, some questionable music choices and some really ground breaking, innovative ideas that are sure to alter the way you think about public space. I hope you find the time to make it through all 9, they’re worth every minute, engaging literally millions of viewers worldwide. 1.Allgood Trio Sesame steps Disabled access is something designers of public space all need to be concerned about, and often it ends up changing the course of the overall design with the primary goal of achieving functionality for all those using the space. Since disabled access is such a prominent feature it is always great to see new innovative ideas, such as these mechanical steps by Algood, which are not only designed to be functional but to blend seamlessly into the environment. Perhaps a bit expensive but a really cool idea. This video was viewed over 80,000 times 2. Junction design the Dutch – cycle friendly – way Well as many of us know the Dutch are the kings when it comes to cycling around their country, so it is no surprise that this clever design solution came from them. In this brilliantly animated video we see both a wonderful, functional idea and a life saving approach to bicycle lane design. This video was viewed over 230,000 times 3. Waterfall Swing – World Maker Faire 2011 As if swings were not fun enough, seriously I’m a grown man and will still look for an opportunity to jump on for a push, you’re never too old to be a kid, however, when someone adds a movement sensor waterfall, the fun becomes a little more sophisticated and as adults it’s our duty to test it out, for the safety of the children of course! This video was viewed over 2,900,000 times 4. Eddie George on Careers in Landscape Architecture The profession of landscape architecture is often made up of people from all walks of life, in many cases landscape architecture is a second or third career for some people. Eddie George is an excellent example of this; the former professional American football player swapped his shoulder pads and helmet for a pencil and big sheets of paper as he embarked on an inspiring career as a landscape architect, surly taking values that he learned from his pro football days into his new career. This video was viewed over 38,000 times 5. 3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 The potential of computer software is endless, however, while we know this it still never fails to impress us. This software allows you to take features in your photos and turn them into 3D modelling objects, allowing you to move away from standardized blocks and work with the potential of what already exists, allowing you to look at it and work with it in new ways. This video was viewed over 1,800,000 times 6. The World’s Deepest Trash Bin (Fun Theory) We’ve all seen it, the casual throwing of the cigarette wrapper on the ground, the piece of junk that didn’t quite make the “basketball” like hoop of the garbage can and the endless other trash we see on our streets. One clever initiative was the Fun Theory, the idea that you can encourage people to do mundane activities by making them fun. When this idea was attached to a trash can the results were profound and it really makes you think about how we get people to do the things they probably should be doing anyway but don’t. This video was viewed over 4,460,000 times 7. Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat As cyclists we would love to use bicycle lanes everywhere we go, not just for safety but for in efficiency to get places, without being interrupted by obstructions. However, all over the world there is a clear disregard for bicycle lanes, with obstructions everywhere,from people walking on them to motor vehicles occupying them. After Casey Neistat was fined for his lack of use of a bicycle line, he responded in the most hilarious way imaginable and rightly so! This video was viewed over 12,500,000 times 8. Amazing Hidden Pool Many of us love gadgets, big boy toys and the James Bond theme music. Well this video has all three, combined in a slighly comical way and yes the design is a bit kitsch, but you have to admit it, there is a small part of you, ok a BIG part of you that really wants this in your backyard. If not for yourself than to impress your friends and family. This video was viewed over 28,000 times 9. Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests – Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention Episode 1 Preview – BBC One This video is extraordinary and really makes you question and wonder about what life is, what gives things and people motion, what propels them, drives them and makes them change. Well of course in this video the answer is obvious, wind, but the movement is so organic that for a moment it feels like you are looking at something with a mind of it’s own, like it knows where it is going, however, as the observer we clearly know better, or do we? This video was viewed over 3,600,000 times It was great putting this compilation together, with so much out there in the world of Youtube it was pleasure to compose a list that is relevant to design, landscape architecture and the environment. I really hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did and that you were entertained, inspired and learned something new. We’re always looking for new videos to feature, if you know of any please email us at and let us know! See also: 9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects (Part 1) Article written by Scott Renwick

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