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This week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10. This week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10 is as electrifying as ever. However with such a diverse range, one does have to question – “How do we put the various styles up against each other and choose a top 10? It’s not easy, mind you, but let’s start by looking at the name “Sketchy Saturday“, the key word is “Sketchy” and preference will always be given to work with a high sketchlike presence and raw style as opposed to the more refined rendered types. However with such a diversity of style and no control over who enters on what week, keeping a level of consistency in the judging process is a challenge in itself, and sometimes the sketchy entries are swamped by the more refined styles. This week we achieved a good balance between the raw sketches and the more artistic entries. Enjoy this week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10! 10. by Anastasia B. Uli, University of Florida, Urban Designer at Florida Community Design Center, Gainesville, FL


By Anastasia B. Uli

“I love to draw, paint and sketch, especially combining the reality and imagination. I call it Realistic-Comical. This drawing ” The Stitch at Animal Kingdom, Orlando, FL” was done in less than 45 minutes. I always set the time limit to practice my sketching ability. The sketch was made using ink and pencil (Color) technique on canvas canson paper”. 9. by Andi Papastefani, Boston, MA, USA. student (graduate candidate) of Landscape Institute of the Boston Architectural College

By Andi Papastefani

“This sketch is part of a proposal for a Front Garden for a new small villa (Villa XLT) to the owner and to her architect. This Front Garden is designed in cottage style, aiming to create a joyful entrance to this small contemporary villa. Villa XLT is designed by Skender Luarasi, architect and it is built in Tirana, Albania near Dajti mountain. In the design of this front garden Mediterranean shrubs are used, along with small trees and grasses. The introduction of a water feature near the donkey steps makes the entrance to the villa more pleasant. The drawing technique for this presentation is color pencils and watercolor”. 8. by Vanessa Marques de Souza, BH- MG – Brazil Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape and Urban Planning Student

By Vanessa Marques de Souza.

“Motivation/reason for making the sketch: ( I made those sketches for my LA studio at KSU). Style in which the sketch is made: ( All are freehand drawings). Location: ( Leadership Building, Kansas State University – campus Manhattan). The material used: ( graffiti and Ink)”. 7. by Jack Tremblay, Landscape Architect, USA

By Jack Tremblay

“It’s been a while since I drew this. It was for the school or the architect, not sure. Either way it was used for sales promotion. It was straight technical pen on mylar”. 6. by Camille Briez Chauvey

By Camille Briez Chauvey

“Concerning This Sketch: It’s an atmospheric sketch to illustrate the Garden of ‘hotel De Sambucy’ In Millau – France. Which, I used ink (rotring ) And Graph’it markers for the shadows”. 5. by  Dinu Marian Alexandru , student University of Arhitecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu Bucharest , Romania

By Dinu Marian Alexandru

“This is an exercise in inner perspective, made in two complementary colors and marked by the presence of Mr. Mies van der Rohe: D”. 4. by Peter Bonette “This represents a new entry portal to an existing amenity space or courtyard. The drawing is on trace using a marker and colored pencil”. Drawing Related Articles: 


By Peter Bonette

3. by Eirini Mouka, master’s degree student of Landscape Architecture, at Neapolis University of Pafos, Cyprus.

By Eirini Mouka

“I am a Landscape Architect from Greece and now I’m doing my master’s study in the Neapolis University of Pafos, in Cyprus. This sketch was made for a school project, in order to learn how to observe and note the elements of famous historical gardens. Firstly I drew it with pencil and then with a pen. It shows some site views from “Patio de Los Naranjos”, a great historical court in Cordoba, Spain”. 2. by Karl Bergot, an Interior designer specialized in high end residences for Middle east

By Karl Bergot

“This is the first proposal for the guest house of a quite huge villa in Dubai. The techniques are hand sketch perspective and then after scanning inlays of photoshop to improve ambient in drawing”. 1. by Pablo Saiz del Rio, Architecture student, Spain

By Pablo Saiz del Rio

“I believe in drawing as a way of performing what each one is capable of imagining. Although photography helps in showing a more generic vision, through each stroke of the pencil it is showing the true intention of the architect, your own expression”. – That’s this week’s Sketchy Saturday Top 10, congratulations to all of you who featured, you have come out on top of a very talented bunch of people. Check out the Sketchy Saturday official Facebook album and see literally 1,000′s of incredible sketches! Follow all the winning entries on our dedicated Sketchy Saturday Pinterest page. If you want to take part send your entries to us at Recommended reading:

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