Children’s Museum of Sonoma County, BASE Landscape Architecture

After several years of bringing their successful Museum-On-The-Go to school groups and youngsters in Sonoma County, the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County found a warm home in Santa Rosa. After careful consideration, the Museum chose BASE to lead the design for this state-funded learning garden. 

With pedagogy and play in mind, BASE designed a landscape that is ecologically responsible and interactive to connect children with nature that inspires future learning. The design was developed by looking at a transect of the environments in Sonoma County–from the inland agricultural valleys to the Pacific Ocean. The project is therefore centered on the main water feature; children can play along the “Russian River,” catching fish in the headwaters, playing in the gravel beds and marshes, and down on the sandy beaches. 

The design also includes an interactive play area built around metamorphosis and pollination. With CA natives surrounding the caterpillar garden, children can sit in cocoons, climb on giant caterpillars, and power giant butterflies. 

There are several large butterfly installations, either solar, wind, or kinetically powered. 

A interactive farm was included where children can help grow, harvest, and “sell” produce.

To learn more about the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County, visit their website here, and visit us at BASE Landscape Architecture.

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