Spanish Landscape Architecture: Biennial Rosa Barba 2014

15 years of European Biennial of Landscape Architecture Barcelona.

The First European Biennial Landscape Architecture was organized in 1999. This event was pioneering at the time and created a way to know Landscape Architecture in Spain and in Europe. The initiative is now a meeting point for Landscape Architects, students and people interested in Landscape Architecture around the world.

The Biennial is a theoretical symposium to the professional discussion and promotion of good practices by the participans selected for the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize. Other events as professional exhibitions, student projects, catalogues, guided tours and ephemeral interventions in the city are developed along the Biennial.

Rosa Barba Prize structures the Biennal, its finalists are the first conference speakers and the center of the materials developed. New talent and trends in Landscape Architecture are discovered by reconizing the value of the best practices of contemporary Landscape Architecture.

The winners in previous editions show the importance of the event: Peter Latz, Isabel Bennasar, Catherine Mosbach, Paolo Bürgi, RCR, Paysage, Kristine Jensen Nicolai, Ganit Mayslits Kassif and Udi Kassif Architects, Martí Franch and Ton Ardévol.

Each of the seven previous Biennals were focused in a different idea about the landscape. “Remaking Landscapes” (1999), “Gardens in Arms” (2001), “Only with Nature” (2003), “Landscape: a Product – a Production” (2006), “Storm & Stress” (2008), “Liquid Landscape” (2010), “Biennial versus Biennial” (2012). However, by the hand of its international Rosa Barba landscape prize, this edition will broaden its scope to worl wide contemporary international landscapes architecture. The theme this year is “A landscape for you”. The announcing of this year’s event suggests interest in discovering new ways of action, while exploring inhospitable areas and guiding discussion towards rethinking old certainties and  providing new sensitivities certitudes. “A landscape for you” wants to be present at the discussion of what should be the landscape design and planning nowadays, aiming to provide a plausible and exciting future.

During the 7th edition, the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture was recognized as a consolidated structure in Europe. The present edition wants the progressive internationalization as announced by the Manifesto read during the last symposium. The symposium content shall give answres to the role os Landscape Architecture in the current world wide crisis, while maintaining the high level of the guest speakers discourse on the world stage. Moreover new objetives will be achieved in for the 8th edition: mainly to bring the Biennial to society helping a greater recognition of the value of the social role of Landscape Architecture.

The eleven finalists the Rosa Barba Prize selected by the International Jury, publicly present their projects as last step towards choosing the winner, to be announced during the Awards.

Rosa Barba Prize Finalists:

Philip Coxall_McGregor Coxall

Ballast point, Birchgrave, NSW, Australia.

Pedro Camarena_LAAP

Arqueología de Paisaje Ruta de la Amistad, Ciudad de México, México.

Kongjian Yu_Turenscape

Quinli stormwater park, Heilongjiang, Harbin. China.

Iñaki Alday & Margarita Jover

Parque de Aranzadi, Pamplona, España.

Dietmar Straub & Anna Thurmayr

Folly Forest / a Dance Floor for 100 Trees, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.

Germán Del Sol Guzman

Termas geométricas, Región de los Lagos, Parque Nacional Villarrica, Chile.

Margie Ruddick

Queens Plaza, New York, US.

Johanna Gibbons_J&L Gibbons

Making Space in Dalston, London, UK.

Perry Lethlean_TCL Studios

North Wharf Promenade and Silo Park, Auckland, New Zeland. 

James Corner_Field Operations

The High Line, New York, US.

Enric Batlle & Joan Roig

Landscape restoration of the Vall d’en Joan landfill site, Garraf, Barcelona, España.

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15 years of Biennial

Photographs and data © Biennial Rosa Barba

Sixto D. Lozano is a Landscape Architect in Valencia, Spain sutterlozano|studio

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