Bartlett Parklet at Bishop Ranch, San Ramon

Bartlett Parklet at Bishop Ranch, San Ramon

The Bartlett Parklet, named after the orchards that used to stud the ground of Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, CA, was built ground up on top of a “drop-down” trailer originally intended to move Minnesotan ice shanties. It is designed to be mobile and parked in various locations in Bishop Ranch–a corporate office park, and is the first of its kind in San Ramon as well as in a corporate setting.

The Bartlett Parklet origins began when Bishop Ranch sponsored a contest for their employees to design a parklet for their campus.  After all the votes were in, the “Bartlett Parklet” was the winner, and BASE was then hired to develop the design, plan, teach, and run the build week with employees. It features community seating, a bike rack, a responsible waste station, solar-powered outlet and sound system to connect your ipod/phone to, [Bartlett] pear trees and a bird house. 

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