Company Profile: ASPECT Studios

Company Profile: ASPECT Studios

Landscape Architects Network features a company profile for ASPECT Studios. ASPECT Studios is a multidisciplinary firm solving a range of services within the public realm, which can be seen making headlines in the landscape architecture profession. The company is made up of studios across Australia (Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne) and in Shanghai, China. Chris Razzell, who is one of the nine directors, founded ASPECT Studios in 1993 in Melbourne, then expanded to Sydney and Shanghai. The range of services provided are a reflection of the arts, sciences, and technology, working for an array of clients from the local, regional, and international markets, including many levels of government and the private sector. They delve into landscape architecture, urbanism, living architecture/green infrastructure, digital media, environmental graphics, and integrated playspaces. This specificity and variety in services, including the clientele, speaks volumes about ASPECT Studios as a constantly evolving company.

One Central Park, by ASPECT | OCULUS

One Central Park, by ASPECT | OCULUS. Photo credit: Simon Wood

Creating a Community Beyond the 9 to 5

Beyond the 9 to 5, the “community” of studio members gets involved in guerrilla gardening or working in their own communities. This proud lifestyle choice that ASPECT Studios preaches makes them authentic designers dedicated to living their vision of always learning, collaborating, and debating. Some of their community-oriented projects include Hart’s Mill , a colorful playscape that gave life to an abandoned area, and Pirrama Park. Pirrama Park is a refreshing attraction for local people, as described by Velislava Valcheva in our article “How Pirrama Park saved Sydney’s Harbor from Residential Development”.

ASPECT Studios

Harts Mill Surrounds. Don Brice

Many of the directors and associates have also been involved with universities and associations, such as the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). They have given talks, lectures, and workshops and have been guest critics and tutors. The commitment to foster education among the professional staff brings about a connection with the new generation of designers and a chance to take part in the industry’s future. These principles have been deeply embedded in the business model to foster collaboration and shared knowledge between a national and international network of expertise.
ASPECT Studios

Pirrama Park. Photo credit: Adrian Boddy

Design Approach

Design quality is the ultimate goal of every project undertaken by the company. Its distinct designs take on a contemporary approach, which integrates technology into testing ideas. Totality in all aspects is a major component of the landscape design, looking at social, economic, and ecological considerations in order to achieve quality and ethical responsibility. While being design-driven, the directors say that project management is the key to their success. Their perspective of management is fitting, always changing in objective and processes. For example, the entire project life cycle is considered, extending beyond physical design and project delivery to presently ongoing curated events that increase “vitality interest, civic pride, and social interaction,” as stated in the company profile.

ASPECT Studios

Pirrama Park. Photo credit: Florian Groehn

Working with Game Engine Technology to Communicate Projects

The teams spend a great deal of time researching new techniques around the world. This research has led them to a conclusion that the future of design lies in the digital realm, which extends beyond 3D renders. The Goods Line, for example, is a project involving a former railway line that has a “microsite”developed for interested parties and the public. They focus their efforts on virtual reality/real-time 3D solutions, which can also benefit in communicating complex projects of the urban design and planning industries to stakeholders.

ASPECT Studios

The Goods Line. Photo credit: Florian Groehn

Being a Landscape Architect at ASPECT Studios

Challenges are resolved through interaction with various professionals in a culturally aware studio environment by discussing ideas, research, design, and technical expertise. If you are a designer who is not afraid to constantly evolve and adapt, have a strong interest in how technology can aid design, and have an interest in working on projects that are culturally and communally diverse, this is the perfect company to join. With an array of awards that were achieved within the last couple of years, it seems like ASPECT Studios’ rise in recognition and reputation would catch the eye of any ambitious, forward-thinking designers.

ASPECT Studios

The Goods Line. Photo credit: Florian Groehn

Driven by Constant Change

With more than 23 years of experience, ASPECT Studios has proven its competency and innovation within the industry with a stunning portfolio of successful projects and deeply embedded (and serious) values. Through their ways of working by practicing what they preach and striving to deliver quality responses to each project, they have begun to gain recognition worldwide, particularly in Australia and China. In a constantly changing world where complex communal and global problems frequently arise, ASPECT Studios is an exemplary company with the potential of solving major challenges. It is an exciting waiting game to anticipate future developments from this company.

ASPECT Studios

Vanke Chongqing Xijiu PlazaCredit: ASPECT Studios

Direct Information for ASPECT Studios :

Office Name: ASPECT Studios Founder: Chris Razzell Year of Foundation and Location: 1993, Australia and China Address: Offices can be found in the following locations in Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney. Also in Shanghai, China Website: E-mail contacts:,,,, Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram

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