Filmtastic Fridays: Become a Friend of the Rail Park

Filmtastic Fridays: Become a Friend of the Rail Park

Post-industrial Philadelphia is on the cusp of a green revolution. A team of landscape architects, planners, and community members are working together to transform an abandoned rail viaduct into a rail park that they hope will turn the “seriously under-parked” city into a more vibrant, sustainable and healthy place to live. Stretching over three miles, the proposed green spine will weave together multiple cultural and artistic landmarks and introduce additional green recreational space into the backyards of fifty city blocks. 


From the description:


A mini-documentary about the proposed “Philadelphia Rail Park”, a three-mile long rail park that would run through some of Philadelphia’s most populated (but under-parked) neighborhoods. Featuring interviews with Governor Ed Rendell, Mayor Michael Nutter, and CCD President Paul Levy. Learn why Rendell calls this project “a game changer for Philadelphia”. Please become a friend, spread the word, and donate today.”


Become a Friend of the Rail Park from The Good Motion Project on Vimeo.


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