The Daily Blend for Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Take a walk across America with City Walk, “a unique six-part series that reveals the way walking is transforming cities across America, and in the process, re-connecting us to our bodies, our civic values, and public space.” For a taste of the series, watch the above segment on a walking tour of four of Manhattan’s favorite parks, organized by the Urban Parks Conference. (KCET)




  • You may be surprised by who else appreciates NYC’s High Line: the no-nonsense, speed-walking commuters. They might not be in it for the landscape architecture, but the High Line sure makes for a great car-free highway. (NY Times)


  • ASLA-NY recently revealed the winners of the 2013 Student Awards. Congrats students! It’s a pity that the winning images can’t be enlarged beyond thumbnail size though. (ASLA-NY)


  • Sit back, relax, and listen to the soothing tunes of Sigur Ros as you watch a day to night time-lapse of OLIN’s Director Park in Portland, OR. (OLIN)



  • Did you know that ASLA is on Vimeo? (They also have a YouTube account). This might be old news for some since they’ve had an account for quite a while, but for others who are just discovering it (like me), go and check it out. (Vimeo)





  • A pop-up park grows in Brooklyn. Havemeyer Park is a dynamic one-year park installation that hopes to change lifestyles, build work ethic, and rally the community around environmental awareness. Lofty goals? Maybe. But it’s also Brookyn’s first free mountain bike park and touts stormwater management as one of its main selling points–a pretty cool start if you ask me. (Atlantic Cities)



  • “The world sends us garbage, we send back music.” The inspiring story of upcycling landfill trash into youth orchestra instruments. (Urban Gardens)



  • If you can stay inside, do it. Extreme heat is severely compromising all modes of our transportation system. (Better Institutions)




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