Anyone want to help me compile resources for digital rendering? Call it a digital swap meet!

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    Doug Davies

    Here’s my shameless plug for

    ATDigital | Helping you find the right resources for photomontages, rendering, and all things digital

    After graduating from college in 2010, I was invited back to teach a few courses involving digital media, including Adobe CS, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and the like, I began to see a lack of knowledge base surrounding digital media, specifically digital rendering. With only a handful of reputable resources our there (thanks Bradley Cantrell) the students had nowhere to turn.

    The students were amazed by the graphics coming out of West 8, MVVA Inc., and Field Operations, but had no idea how these graphics were created or where to find resources to learn about these graphics. During this most recent fall semester I took it upon myself to gather and distribute as many resources as I could to my class of aspiring landscape architects in my digital fundamentals class. As I continued updating their class website I realized that I was creating something that I felt was really lacking in the industry today, a single repository of information on digital rendering. Then I realized that I couldn’t do it all myself, so I made a new website that would focus on all the same topics that I was covering before, but this time letting my friends and colleagues help out. 

    ATDigital (All Things Digital) is now open for (pro-bono) business! I don’t make a dime off of this endeavor so I have nothing to offer you except my sincere gratitude, your name and bio on the site, and the sincere thanks of all students of Landscape Architecture. I would greatly appreciate any and all tutorials on any topics including Adobe CS, SketchUp (rendering engines, rubys, etc.), tips and tricks, other links to great resources, anything at all. Thanks, and I hope to hear from at least a few of you! 

    Heres where to help, if you want to:



    or just visit our site

    Daria Dorogan

    Hi Douge! Great job! Thank U for your work! I need a few days to gather material and send the link to you. See U!

    Eli Paddle

    Great idea

    Doug Davies


    Thanks so much! I have to update my “links” page but if you have any links to good resources they are great as well! (that goes for all of you!)


    I have several very powerful tutorial packages for SketchUp, 3dsMax, Photoshop for Architectural Rendering and Digital Painting and the like…. even Revit 3D Visualization …. 

    I would be happy to make them available but two cautionary notes:

    • These are all large files (half gig to above 1 gig) and would require a large cloud file transfer (i.e. JustSendIt) and 
    • Most if not all of these have been acquired from torrent sites and therefore are not exactly legit. 

    Take it from there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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