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    Heather Smith

    My husband does all of these things including traveling to nurseries in different states to secure the nicest plants he can find for the specific purposes he needs. I think some of what you are seeing is the difference b/w design/build and a strictly design firm. I would imagine horticulturists would be very hands on as would the design/builder. An LA working strictly on the design may just look at what they think a local contractor can get their hands on and choose from that palate. We do not limit ourselves to the local availability because it would make for more of the same very boring landscapes we see around here. When in doubt an LA can always seek the expertise of a horticulturists and other specialists.

    Heather Smith

    I like this, “The Horticulturalist primary concern is the plant, where my primary concerned is the place, which means I might push the limits of what’s good for the plant if it enhances the human experience.”

    Why so angry, nrshmid?If LA/LDs are so annoying why are you here? I haven’t posted for a while. I hope things are well with you. I must have missed when you were hired? Are you still in Texas? I guess I am missing a bit.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    Dood, this is a …”network for landscape architects”……

    are you here to pick a fight?…not interested…

    Kevin J. Gaughan

    Dennis, I think this might be the smartest thing that was said in this discussion. Thanks.

    Heather Smith

    I thought you were laid off a while back? And were in Texas? Maybe I am confusing you with someone else. The person I am thinking of was thinking of going into petroleum.


    If architects are moving into landscape (which I doubt they really want to since their interest is buildings), how can we landscape architects adapt? Right, it might be a good idea to go to the event or other architecture events and just talk to them. Have a beer with them and understand their ideas on design and interests. I’ve designed with numerous architects and so far all they want is the landscape forms to work with the building’s forms, and to not have a tree in the middle of the doorway. I’m no less creative working with architects than not.


    Hey nrschmid (or whatever other alias your using these days)


    stick to your new schtick in oil and gas until we reach the end of oil/post-carbon age, which we are just entering now. This profession and certainly the planning one, will not miss you. Don’t become a fossil when the fuel runs out.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    so you just want to criticize another profession….

    you’ve done that, now please move on to another professional group to which you belong.

    we get plenty of the jealous types that do no understand what we do criticizing us already!

    Heather Smith

    I guess I just don’t understand the point? Bestowing wisdom on the lowly members of Land 8 Lounge? I have no doubt you have great insight to share…your method of delivery could be improved. Ironically, you claim you are very careful about what you write because you understand how anyone online can be misunderstood or just plain offensive. So you hide behind the computer screen and lambast a group of people that you belong with. I was questioning your planning background because as I understand you probably have a degree in landscape architecture. You were then hired as a planner. Yet, you ridicule LAs as believing they can do planning…when that is exactly what you did! haha.

    Heather Smith

    nrschmid you sound like you have hurt feelings…here is something to cheer you up.

    Albert C

    That show was so great!

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    … do architects drink beer?


    You are right, though. It is about adapting and building relationships. Few of us are working on projects that do not involve other professionals. If we see them as the enemy, we are in big trouble.

    Jason T. Radice

    Yes, yes they do. But only Heineken, Amstel Light…or some obscure microbrew, none of which is very good.

    Leslie B Wagle

    Given what Albert C said above (“Flora Grubb Gardens is a retail garden store plants, pots, furnishing, gifts, coffee, etc.”) which was my impression from what I found on Google, I’m going out on a limb here and speculate that she might not even have a good clue what LA even IS, had some connections, and just saw a timely marketing opportunity (or some mix of those factors). I guess more charitably, she may have seen repetitive unimaginative plantings done BY ARCHITECTS themselves, and wants to open their eyes and while we would like her to tell them “get an LA,” she may not know that herself, or have thought of it. But also due to the retail angle, she may want them to just throw up their hands and decide to shove future “decorating” in her direction more than for them to become independent experts. It’s really hard to tell, but the emphasis on rowdier plants makes me wonder if it would work anyhow. (“Unimaginative” choices in stressful urban circumstances are often used for good reasons after all.)

    David J. Chirico

    I encourage you guys to think about it a little differently.


    In what other context do we say, “don’t improve yourself” or “don’t learn so much” or “stop trying to be so educated”.


    In many other contexts, this is dangerous thinking.


    If something is done wrong, we would be far better to criticize, and reason and explain the fault (and God forbid offer to fix it), than to belittle and denigrate the person that did it.  Thats the work of fallacious politicians.


    And you would be on much firmer ground that when its good design, applaud it, explain why its done well and point it out as an example of why what we preach works no matter who did it.


    Its funny when a bunch of school kids churn out a garden we applaud them for getting their hands dirty.  If the same thing were done by a bunch of architects or CE’s the reaction is much different.

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