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    Max L. Finkbeiner

    I thought I would share this with the lounge

    I just got home from the 7 day workshop, and was back to the grind today! I had two client appointments and could not wait to communicate with my pen! I went to this workshop with a specific goal of being able to clearly express my ideas as I sit in front of my clients. I have a small landscape design build company and have always wanted to shorten my design time and have the ability to quickly get feedback from my clients.

    At my appointments today I was a bit hesitant to start sketching, but as I started using the tricks Mike teaches, I quickly set up my perspective chart and began. It was amazing to be able to solve design questions while I stood there with the client. Needless to say the homeowner was very impressed and really enjoyed the experience!!

    I can’t thank Mike and his awesome TA’s enough for all the help and tricks taught!! Mike makes things very simple and gives you the confidence to just start sketching!!

    The money invested in this will absolutely take my career to another level, leaving me more time to enjoy my family. With the new loose attitude towards drawing, I won’t be spending so much time designing and redesigning.

    If you are thinking about going , do as Mike says, and “Just Do It!!

    Thanks again Mike- you sure made sitting in a class room fun!!!

    Max Finkbeiner

    Trace One

    I agree, Max, I took Mike Lin’s class years ago, and absolutley loved it..He liked to call me ‘Too Loose”, which I found amusing – I am too loose in drawing, and his class managed to give me the  concentration to  tighten up a bit..

    But I agree, I had a terrific time in Mike Lin’s class, and got a lot out of it..

    You may find some different opinions on this web site, though..   

    Mark Sanford

    i really would like to take the class here in the near future. would you mind sharing total expenses you had to spend for the whole experience.

    Trace One

    I don’t remember, Mark, sorry…Too long ago…I would do it, though – he is worth what he charges, IMHO..

    Michael White

    In case you haven’t already, check out his book ‘Drawing and Designing with Confidence’. I found it on abebooks for about $10 including shipping and it has been more than worth looking at.


    I was at the same workshop and I agree with Max.  It was an outstanding experience.


    It is pricey, though.  Tuition is $1400-1800, flight, hotel for the week, plan on about $300 for materials and another $50-100 for books, and $55 for “stuff”.


    You could cut back by not buying all the materials.  I would skip the watercolor portion of the class, and you can get by with just the essential marker and pencil set.  Also, I would buy only Mike’s book and not the others. 


    When you look at the cost per hour of the instruction it is a bargain compared to other similar courses.

    Mike Lin

    Hi Max, Brian Lin and I are so thrilled to know that you have found a new confidence in your career through attending our August graphic workshop in San Francisco. Now NO ONE can stop you but yourself and as long as you have a great passion to help your clients, you will now enjoy your profession with fun and joy.  Your positive testimonial made us wanting to continue to help any designers who think they aren’t born with talent, can now finally learn how draw and believe they can do it with working hard and apply our tips learned from our workshop.  Keep up with the great work Max.  Thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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