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    Gabino Carballo

    I would say that you have a pretty good deal in the US, compared to other countries, as far as Landscape Architecture is concerned.
    And yes, FLO made a big difference.

    But just last week I read and article in LAM slagging him and saying that he was “holding down the profession”. A bad sign of things to come.

    I will be very surprised to find out that ASLA has any interest on this matter.

    Something I have learnt in recent years is that most professional organisations work on very short term goals that spin around the interests of those running them.

    Their main concern is getting people to continue to pay for subscriptions, so they put all their efforts in marketing and communication spin, to make people feel good about themselves by proxy.

    In the meantime, your income is reduced year on year whilst other professions steal the pace on LA.

    Very rough ride ahead indeed.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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