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    Has anyone ever worked with a career coach? If so, how did it go? Was their advice helpful for careers in landscape architecture? I am wondering if a career coach might help me grow my existing career in landscape architecture.

    Thank you.

    J. Nielsen

    Universities are offering career services to seniors and recent grads. I have been to a couple info sessions and one-on-one meetings and from I have seen it has been a bit of a mixed bag. It really depends on who you talk to and what they know.

    On one hand, I did get some good information about freelancing and branding. But on the other , most of the job seeking and career advice was fairly general, and some of it was out of date.

    If you are paying someone, be aware of snake-oil sellers and gimmicks. They are out there.


    Thanks, J.Nielsen, for the reply!

    I spoke to one leadership coach. They clarified that a career coach helps with resumes and mock interviews, while a leadership/executive coach helps with goal setting, improving the way you show up for your team, and reaching the next level in your career, whatever that may be. The service is pricey, more than $1k per month, or $700 per session (based on my one data point). I have decided to hold off for now, and am instead perusing some leadership, healthy habits, goal setting books available from my library or audible. So far, it’s been helpful just to put some thought into the idea of leadership, so I’ll keep going and see where it leads me.


    Hello Christa…..I sent you a “personal message” here on LAND 8. Did you not receive it?
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    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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