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    Tosh K

    I hate NCARB.  The IDP an ARE process is pathetic,  a total admittance to the fact that their education standards are terrible.  CLARB had to update to computing, some folks get it harder in transition;  well, it’s going to happen to somebody some time.  And why is the PE process so much easier?  By ease of processing I’d take the PE over LA over PArch any day.  Though I do remember engineers mulling over a more complex process to get more prestige… not sure if I should be upset or saddened over that line of thought.

    Brenden Waller

    What if I was not notified of the testing change by email or otherwise?

    The first I heard of it was when somebody else in my office mentioned it to me, and was already to late. To assume that everybody was notified and that if the amount of time was long enough to make the transition is just dumb. As a student coming out of college taking this test was never very clear to begin with, so it is beyond frustrating when you pass section C and E and will just have to retake it. Ok fine you want to change the the format to a computerized form, great I’m all for it, but why would you combine three parts of the test into two and also combine three sections that were never offered at the same time. When I took it C and E were offered together and A,B, and D where offered at another time. This means that most people would take C and E and then work on passing A, B, and D separately. Dumb, you should offer a test that covers section D in the new computerized format to make right that well thought out decision.

    Is there anybody else in this situation? Has anybody had success taking only section D?




    The test transition was  beyond frustrating and there are tons of people with your exact same gripe, including me. I was pretty outspoken directly to CLARB about my issues with the way they handled the test transition. I could bore you for hours with the details of my bad history with CLARB, lol.

    When the test transitioned from the old to the new, I only had Section E, Grading left to pass. passed all the other sections years earlier. But I just had a baby, and had no intention, time or money to pass Section E before the new test version took effect.

    So eventually when I did take the new version, it was called Section 4, and it combined the old Sections D and E. Well, I had already passed Section D years before. So essentially I partly was re-taking –AND PAYING FOR— a test that I had already previously passed. To say I was pissed is an understatement.

    Many people were in this “bridge” dilemma. They had taken one older version, but had to re-take it again because it was now bundled with a different test section in the new version. There was so much outcry over this, but CLARB answers to NO ONE. They are an independent entity, and they can do what ever they want.

    And don’t forget, the bottom line of all this is about the money. I don’t care what anybody says,  this is not a non-profit organization, and it IS ALL about the money.  The tests cost more now then they did previously, even though they are all computerized. CLARB still fails to answer questions as to how  higher test fees are possible and/ or necessary.

    And what motivation would CLARB have to make the test easier for people to pass the 1st time around? NONE!  It’s a BUSINESS, plain and simple. More test taking=more money. Economics 101. Once you recognize this, and you consider yourself a customer, who has to watch his back, you might be a tiny bit less frustrated. Hopefully, 😉

    Sorry for the extremely long response, but I feel your pain, I have been there, and there is no end to the irritating and unjust things CLARB is capable of. I just finally passed everything and if I told you all the details of how it went down you wouldn’t believe it.

    If are still a test candidate, please heed my advice and document EVERYTHING during the exam process. Keep track of every single correspondence you have with CLARB during all of this B/C you might need it. I kept a notebook of every email, letter, receipts, etc… .

    Feel free to ask me any questions. Good luck to you. 🙂

    Brenden Waller

    Thanks for your thoughts. Once my bitterness passes, maybe I’ll decide to take it again. It’s really too bad. If I were alone that would be one thing, but there pissing off a lot of people and I don’t see why anybody would want to get a license with all these headaches.

    Ray Freeman

    Here’s some general information that I have gathered by asking pointed questions and looking at all information available on the “new” exam format.

    First of all, CLARB claimed, during the ‘redesign” process, that the new format would closely follow the way things are done in an office. Of course no one at CLARB has actually worked in a design office for well over a decade. At any rate, that should put plant massing in section 3 (Design) as this section was alleged to cover Schematic thru Design Development. Instead, they put plant massing questions in Section 4. (See CLARBs own “not free” sample exams). Plant massing is NOT done in the Construction Documentation phase in the real world. CDs were supposed to be covered in section 4.

    My best suggestion if you are unhappy with the current process and costs (which are now upwards of $1800) is to complain bitterly to your State Chapter officers, especially your chapter trustee, and your CLARB regional director. It may come to nothing, but nothing will change unless severe political pressure is applied.

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