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    Mark Decker

    Has anyone gotten their results for the December Exam yet? I unfortunately live in one of the 2 states that does not show scores on the CLARB website.


    I’ve been checking everyday for the past week with no luck. Did have to update my login info though. I hope it will be available next week, tuesday after the holiday…


    Nothing yet… I took the test in Michigan and my fear is the rummy that was proctoring the test from the licensing bureau never got the exams sent back to CLARB. They are probably still sitting on the floor in the hotel ball room where we took the thing.

    Vance W. Hall

    Dennis, The truth in your statement makes me laugh, sort-of . I hope that is not the case but a fear I am sure we all have or have had.

    Drew Braley, RLA

    in case anyone doesn’t know yet… the scores are posted on CLARB now.

    Mark Decker

    Stupid Illinois, still not having scores available!!!!

    Ray Freeman

    The pass rates are up on the CLARB web site for last September and
    They are a little convoluted to find, but here’s the gist.

    Sep 08 Exam
    A=75% up slightly over March
    B=75%, also up slightly from March
    D=61%, same as March

    Dec 08 Exam
    E=29%, down from 37% in June, and well below the 7 year average of
    C=71%!!!, up 20 points from the 51% in Jun 08, and way above the 7
    year average of 50%. In fact, this is off the charts, as the previous
    high for C was a 56% pass rate. Either people were very well prepared
    or this section was much easier than ever before. Frankly, I suspect
    the latter.

    Mark Decker

    We finally got our results last Thursday, a good week after the rest of the country. Passed both! time to party!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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