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    I am wondering if Landscape Architects really believe in the “Global Warming” theory? And, if so, will it really have an effect on our profession?

    Personally, I don’t care what scientists are saying about “Global Warming”…IMO, I tend to believe if it is true, it has more to do with the SUN than anything else…not anything people on Earth are doing. I understand that many Liberals tend to believe that mankind is the cause of “Global Warming”…and we all have to believe that “Global Climate Change” has always been here since the beginning of time.

    I find it very interesting that former President Obama is a major believer in “Global Warming”. Many of his policies and Executive Orders were directed at this issue. But, IF President Obama REALLY believes in “Global Warming”…and that the SEAS are really RISING due to “Global Warming”…WHY would he and his wife purchase an $11 Million home on several acres in Martha’s Vineyard (right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean). I saw photos of the home and the property and the home can’t be more than approx. 5 to 7 feet above Sea Level. Also, back in 2015, the Obama’s purchase the home in Hawaii (for $8 million) that was used for filming the TV show “Magnum P.I.” with Tom Selleck…that home is a waterfront home…right down at the sea level. So, buying homes in those low lying areas, if you really believe the SEAS ARE RISING…why would you invest millions of dollars in seaside homes?

    I’m not sure HOW Landscape Architects or anyone for that matter, could change the natural evolution of our Planet. This really isn’t a political issue…’s an “environmental issue”, but, I just wonder if Landscape Architects believe our profession can or should be involved in this issue? It’s been many, many years since I’ve studied at a University, but, I have a sense that many LA University Professors are actively teaching to their students…that our Planet really is in trouble due “Global Warming or climate Change…rising seas”.

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