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    Rob Halpern

    I notice on the Forum a tendency to look over one’s shoulder at architects and why they get all the goodies. So I thought this article might be of interest:!


    Goustan BODIN

    Architects I’ve met love money. All of them, whatever their skill/level of dedication is.


    J. Robert Wainner

    I just read the article (link)….and found the USA salary information interesting.

    It illustrated to me…that as Landscape Architects (IF… are freelance and don’t work for an LA firm as an employee, you can do much better…even than Architects).

    When I was employed by a Dallas LA firm for 13 yrs….1978 to 1991….our salaries were just plain TOO LOW….though we were paid “double-time” for all over-time.  So, in 13 yrs., I logged in over 4,000 hrs. of over-time…trying to earn what I felt I should be making.  I was probably in the low to mid-30’s back then.

    After 3 yrs. of being on my own….beginning in 1991….my income jumped to 7x what I was earning at that LA firm…..for over 14 yrs.  And I wasn’t putting in ANY more hours on my own than I was when I was working for that Dallas LA firm.  My only over-head was Federal Income Taxes.  At age 58, I was able to move into semi-retirement.

    But….I think for younger LA’s today… would be wise to get as much experience at a couple of LA firms as possible…learn every aspect of the LA profession that you can….be a sponge.  When the time is right….consider going out on your own.  And, consider expanding your firm….as that will…I think in the long run (as long as the design work is there) be much to your advantage…having other – younger LA’s help earn income for you.  Working on  my own, as a (1) man LA firm….I had to do 100% of everything….and once you reach about 45 to 50 yrs. old….you’re not really going to want to do that, I don’t think….at least not where you’re putting in 8 to 12 hour days.


    Rodney Kearl

    In 2010 the average salary for a landscape architect in the US was $71,100. The average salary for architects was $70,320. Perhaps they are both a little more now.


    J. Robert Wainner

    I’m a bit off subject here……….but, are LA’s really getting JOBS these days?

    What about LA’s who have graduated in the past 3-4 yrs…….are they getting “entry level” jobs?

    It’s one thing to discuss “salary levels”………..but, I’m not so sure LA firms are hiring.  At least, not what I’ve been reading or hearing.  Saw on the news today where unemployment is down to 7.2%……which is pretty much a JOKE.  I believe millions of Americans have just stopped looking out of total frustration.  And I believe MANY LA’s have stopped looking as well.

    Every once in awhile, I take a glance at the ASLA.ORG’s job board……to see what’s going on in the job market.  ASLA’s system is currently down…..but, when I looked at it a couple of weeks a go…..there were only about 17 total jobs (Nationwide) on their job board.  I remember 4-5 yrs. ago, seeing over 50 job openings on their job board.

    I sure wouldn’t want to be a recent LA grad.

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