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    Roland Beinert

    How important is it to include pictures of built projects in a portfolio? I’m finding I either don’t have pictures of my more impressive projects or don’t have plans for projects that I have pictures for. Some projects from my last job probably are on hold because of the recession.

    Chris Whitted

    I can’t offer the perspective of someone doing the hiring, but as a job seeker my philosophy is to use whatever media best presents my work. If my plan graphic looks better than any possible photo of the site, I’ll be using the plan graphic. If you have a decent photo but no plans or sketches, use the photo. There are no built project photos in my current portolio for a number of reasons I won’t go into. It does concern me sometimes, particularly when I see phrases similar to “extensive portfolio of successfully built projects” in job postings. But I would much rather have only a plan graphic to represent me than a good photo of a bad installation or even a bad photo of a good one. This is definitely one of those aspects of a portfolio that can take years to develop and requires some revisiting.

    Chad Crutcher

    Go take your own pix of those ‘more impressive’ projects and get ’em into that portfolio. Built works speak louder than great graphics. In deference to Chris’ point, whereas great graphics are important, evidence that they can be successfully translated into reality, or that you were able to keep the concept together after all the budget cuts, changes and value engineering, is far more valuable…especially as you get deeper into your career. It takes time (years) to get a significant body of built works.

    Don’t sell graphics short, however. As you get better with experience, you need to showcase that, especially if your are, have been or want to be the ‘hand’ of the firm. If your chief skills are fantastic drawings, you should always be in demand. If you checked out the job sites I mentioned to you in another discussion, you should have noticed that Las Vegas firm looking for someone with a ‘hand’. Sounds like a great job! Tempted myself, I must say.

    Another tip…check Google images for your projects and, at a minimum, grab an aerial image from Google Earth. I use many such pix in my portfolio. Remember, you spent alot of time on those plans…get ’em for real this way. If your projects are heavily publicized/marketed by the Client upon opening, they may have released press pix. I also grab these on-line when I can. They are meant to be used. Check the project’s website, if applicable, like a resort, shopping center, etc.

    Grab that camera, pal!

    Anamica Singh

    it is always better to include few built projects in your it creates impact,power and imprint to your design is always a plus point..I feel its k to pull in any images you feel have a sense of good design..doesn matter that you gota provide whole set of drawings of a particular project..

    Roland Beinert

    Google Earth is a great idea, especially for the projects in Reno. I actually drove by one of the projects I did here in Boise yesterday, and it looks like they are right at the beginning of putting in the landscape. I’ll definitely have finished pictures of it before the ASLA conference, at least.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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