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  • The tree in the middle reminds me of the famous Eisenhower Tree at Augusta National’s 17th fairway (I think its the 17th). Watch the Masters weekend after next and you’ll see what I mean. I can completely accept that this may have been intentional. I must agree with Trace that the model was uninspiring. Looked like my toy blocks all over the floor…[Read more]

  • One must remember that both the architects and the museums are often seeking to create a building that is an iconic work of art in its own right. Problem is, designing to create an icon is far different than designing a successful building that becomes an icon. This is not a specific critique of these architects or their buildings. I have my…[Read more]

  • Craig,
    You and I are in complete agreement. I think that is why I was more surprised than feeling abused. And don’t let this format limit your sense of freedom to speak your mind. The only rule is civility. Keep posting. Stirring the pot is always helpful.

  • Craig,
    I am a little surprised you consider my comments uniformed (referencing the watch the news remark). Did I not elude to the wide swath of pain across the economy? And, I have done the deliver the pizza thing. Even more demeaning jobs than that. Consider being a delivery guy taking a package from a former competitor’s office to a former…[Read more]

  • Colm,
    After accepting your friend request, I thought I’d just share with all what I said to you in my response.

    You are right, more than you know. This is a way of life. Those that love it, live it. If you are lucky enough to stick with it, a reasonably comfortable life is possible, and without being a workaholic or being so stressed you seize up…[Read more]

  • I like that attitude! You are absolutely right! The most valuable activity a designer can do is travel. And anything done to feed oneself outside the profession will pay off in spades when you find what you learned is aplicable to so many other problems.

    Do well doing good.

  • An inspiring discussion, indeed. Thanks to those that explained I shall avail myself of its benefits.

    My next contribution is two words: Universal Traveler $14.95 at

    Zach, if you have not heard of this book, or, if you have and not purchased it yet, then please do so. Upon reading it and using it, I believe you will quickly…[Read more]

  • Zach,

    I have been monitoring this thread to see if/when somebody would post a response. I suggest the dearth of activity is because the question is not really phrased correctly…at least, in my opinion. You see, the point is not what is used for inspiration, it is how inspiration is attained. Your question presupposes there can be a single…[Read more]

  • Andrew,
    I posted that in the other thread…mostly public work. Our company has always been focused in the public sector so we were well positioned to adjust to the crash in housing and retail. The public sector has tightened considerably due to budget issues across the board. There are fewer opportunities and we are belt tightening. Fair to say I…[Read more]

  • Tanya,
    You’ve probably hit on the central issue at the heart of the buying experience for the client, no matter the stripe. In the private sector, they have a business concept in mind, and unless it is a very small project, they are risking a lot against very stiff competition. Therefore, they must attract customer traffic, so they sell the…[Read more]

  • San Francisco Conservatory in Golden Gate Park, but again, this is not a public greenhouse, it is a botanical garden; open to the publc, but for viewing only. I do not know of any “public” greenhouses wherein one could garden their own plot.

  • Yup, so they can raid your house while you are out. Lots of press about this danger lately. And I do like your thinking out loud in type… but agree the suggestion is so large and amorphous it is hard to get one’s mind wrapped around a workable concept. That’s why I think the think out loud thing is so valuable…gets others brainstorming too.…[Read more]

  • Public sector…transportation, urban design/streetscapes, parks, recreational trails/bike paths, public buildings, including college campus/buildings and schools. Minimal private sector..occasional retail (independent site development like a gas station/mini-mart). We’ve seen our work shift from about 60% public to more than 90%. This is the only…[Read more]

  • Andrew,
    Your posting asked freelancers what they are doing and my idea was in response to the very desperate mood out there. You are really trying to market your company and that is a completely different animal with entirely different protocols. There is an endless body of ‘how-to’ marketing literature on the web you may want to look into. What…[Read more]

  • Hi, Andrew.
    While I am currently employed managing a department that now has no staff (put my last guy on day-to-day yesterday morning as billable work is available; we’re in a bit of a lull before some new contracts kick in) and focused primarily on marketing to fill the pipeline, your question prompted this notion I might try if I were in…[Read more]

  • I’ve monitored this thread with intense interest. I’ve also refrained from tossing in my 2 cents because i have a very strong opinion. I hate the photo-realistic paste-up renderings that look and feel like scrapbook hobby work. I realize this is a harsh judgment. Yes, I have to cede there are probably good pieces that have been done, but, to me,…[Read more]

  • Yes.

    Hi, Brett. That project we collaborated on in Sparks dried up fast, as you probably know. I admit to shock hearing how your group was dismantled. For you, and all those struggling now, please know I know this will sound trite, but…I was bankrupt 11 years ago…it will get better. Believe me, it will. Like I did, you may have to take on…[Read more]

  • Hey, all…ever watch Ovation channel? 157 on DISH.

    Here is a TV venue I think is most appropriate. They handle the world of the arts and design with real sophistication. This is not high school level documentaries. Most of the shows would be at home on PBS. They have a series called, and I may be incorrect, “Designer People”, or something like…[Read more]

  • Amy,
    No judgement regarding your personal level of tolerance…my remark was a general complaint about the tone of the conversation that was developing. Comments such as “mental masturbation” again prompt me to request we be civil and adult.

    So he told weak jokes and imparted his personal philosophies (some Christian, some from Confusious…[Read more]

  • Well, folks, as an atheist, I can understand the consternation over religion, however, let’s be both adult and American about this. Adults are capable of filtering input and extracting the really important stuff. So who gives a damn that Mike believes in God or that he uses that concept to make his point(s). His point is that orange and blue work…[Read more]

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