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    Adam Trujillo

    Hey Everyone!  Just wanted to bring up the chance for everyone out here who has a blog about landscape architecture a chance to post their links and hopefully bring some more traffic to everyone.  I know there are tons of blogs out there and would just love to see all the material everyone is sharing!

    Here’s mine to start. 

    Frank Varro

    Mine is
    I mostly have been doing photoshop rendering tutorials, but I post on areas that intersect between Design and Technology.

    Thomas Rainer

    Nice site!

    Mine stradles the line between garden and landscape architecture. It’s about the form, meaning, and expression of designed landscapes.

    Adam Trujillo

    nice stuff! i’ll add them to my blog roll.

    Bruno Sousa
    Dave Toms

    NCSU Student ASLA

    John Pacyga

    This is a blog of design students and professors at the University of Kentucky:

    This is my work blog and items in the Louisville, KY area:

    I highly recommend if you are looking to set up a blog. You send new blog entries via email and the enclosures come up as galleries for photos, posted videos or mp3’s in a player. Easy.

    Benjamin Boyd

    Hey Adam,
    Great material on the blog so far! Look forward to seeing more.

    I run, so check it out when you get the chance.

    Page Huyette

    I blog about modern design, color, teaching design and the design process.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


    Noah Mabry

    Just started blogging a few weeks ago!

    Topographically Speaking

    I hope to focus on LA as it pertains to social, environmental and economic justice as well as critical thinking in design.

    Daniel Miller

    I’ll take the liberties of plugging my buddy (and contributing member) Adam Anderson’s blog:

    Benjamin Boyd

    Well thanks for checking out the site! Yeah its strange sometimes where the inspiration comes from. I read an article on him in Rolling Stone and immediately went and wrote that post!

    Lynn Wilhelm

    Here’s mine:
    It’s focused mostly on horticultural topics, some design concepts and plants. It’s a reference that I hope my clients use.

    I’ll check out all the new ones on here.

    Dan Barbato

    not really a blog exactly, but i think its related. A bunch of people use the twitter hashtag #landarch. join the conversation! (not that I say all that much)


    Brent Jacobsen

    Here’s my small blog about landscape and design in los angeles. Not able to post as much as I used to (thanks to fortunately finding some work a few months back), but like to share articles and ideas on things happening in LA.

    Look forwarding to reading more from everyone else. Great resource!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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