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    Julia S. Shuart

    CLARB still hasn’t uploaded practice tests for the new format of sections 3 and 4 and they are coming up this December. Does anyone have any intel on whether the old material is still relevant, especially the vignettes from the old section E? I know it is all computer-based now and I have seen the youtube video but I am still a bit lost on how to prepare. Last year I passed A, B and C but not D and E so none of this is new to me but I would like to be as efficient as possible over the next couple of months. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

    Julia S. Shuart

    Thanks. I know – it’s going to be interesting, to say the least. They really need to post soon – especially since they gave us so little time to pass in the old format before changing it. You’re a lot better off since you past D. Do you have any advice on how to master the materials/methods of construction? That was the one section of the test that my diagnostic said I failed.

    Julia S. Shuart

    Yes I have. I took a UCLA course and plan to retake this w/o another prep course. Thanks though. 

    Julia S. Shuart

    Thanks. I have so much material but am frustrated by how much of it is out of date. CLARB should have a book for each section – like architecture – and we should be able to take these any time that works for us (now that it’s computer-based) and more than twice a year – like architecture. 

    Tosh K

    Understand LA Graphics Standards front to back, but concentrate on sections that have been covered in the past (retaining walls, foundations, post foundations, decks, fences, fastening of bench to wall, etc) – in google groups there have been fastener handouts that folks have been passing around that is helpful. 

    Eric Galvin

    Hey, ive been preparing for section 3, made a post here that didnt get much attention

    I did find these sample vignettes which i dont think asla had posted before (first time i saw them at least)

    Dotty Daly

    I am in the same boat, but just with Section 4. On top of it, my state is suddenly requiring Pre-Approval, and there is not enough time to get it before the exam.

    Clarb just posted the info below. They also updated the practice test info, they no longer state when it will be available.

    NEW!  “An Inside Look at the New L.A.R.E.” Webcasts — Information about how to access these online presentations will be emailed to candidates in early November.

    • November 7 at 6 p.m. Eastern Time (hosted by Land8Lounge) — This webcast will provide a general overview of the exam; explain the new registration, administration and scoring processes; and show a few sample items for Sections 3 and 4.
    • November 14 at Noon Eastern Time (hosted by CLARB) — This webcast will go into further detail on the new item types for Sections 3 and 4 and we will complete several samples items live online.
    Julia S. Shuart

    Thank you. 

    Dotty Daly

    I just looked on CLARB’s website and the times seem to have changed…

    An Inside Look at the New Exam Items (Sections 3 and 4)

    Join CLARB for a webcast about the fully computerized L.A.R.E. and see a live demonstration of the new exam items for Sections 3 and 4. 

    By participating in the webcast you will:

    • Learn how the L.A.R.E. is developed, why updates to the exam are necessary, and what content will be tested;
    • See a live demonstration of the new exam items for Sections 3 and 4; and
    • Understand how to register for the exam.

    Mark your calendar and plan to join us on:

    Each webcast will last approximately 30 minutes, contain the same information, and offer a “Q&A” session at the end.  Participation is on a first come, first served basis and is limited to 150 people per event.  To access the webcast, please note that you must log in AND dial in.

    Daniel Bulemore

    Hi Julia, 

    I saw your post and wanted to share some info. as just as concerned as you on section 3’s content!

    I agree that the portion of the new exam pertaining to section D is vague at best. I reached out to CLARB both by email, and then by phone, but was still given a non-specific description. The person I spoke with said the best way she could describe the test content was as ‘testing our knowledge of conceptual design through design development. I asked what this meant in terms of materials, fasteners, etc., and she said anything construction related would really be the focus of section 4.

    I know this doesn’t clarify much, but it may help with ruling out some of the more detail-oriented D material. I’ll be sure to share any other information I can find out – would be great to know where Stormwater will be tested!

    jennifer Bloch

    Has anyone taken Section 4? Is there any experience to share yet?

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