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    Ada Deniz Sel

    Hello Everyone,

    I need to give a decision between these programs. I will apply University of Berkeley for master degree. I have graduated from an interdisciplinary departmen which is Landscape architecture and Urban design and I can easly say that our education was mostly about on Urban Design disciplinary. Now I have two possibility to specialize. It gives me aches to my stomac that which speciality will be and is more futuristic. Any insight would be very helpful!

    Albert C

    Go with a MBA or a Real Estate Development with an environmental slant

    James Atchison

    I would look into finding a program that specializes in healthcare projects. At Arizona State, there was a Health Environment (or something to that nature) Course that specialized in healthcare design.

    I say that because that is the kind of work our firm is doing and that market will not go away. So I would just do a quick google search if there are any programs in the Northern California (b/c you said Berkley) College circuit. If not, I would go with the MLA. You should be able to do more with a MLA than a MUD.

    Trust me, I have a BSLA and a MUD.

    Walter Norris Bone

    Depends on where you would like to practice, what part of the world.  I know in the US an MLA is more beneficial, but in Asia, both are equally needed.  Also look to the future and weigh whether you would like to do more detailed design or larger, broader scale design.  The MUD majors I have worked with do not have the ability to perform detailed design work in particular understanding construction procedures.  


    Hey Ada, try this on for size, because I am sure it will be a snug fit.


    How about emphasizing or, in a very rapid-fire sort of way, develop some really marketable and valued skills sest in this beyond hyper-competitive job market for starters ?

    Do you really want to drive yourself deeper into debt by pursuing a masters program so you can just ride out this “temporary” economic downturn. ?


    Hey Ada, brew yourself an incredibly potent pot of java and put your nose in it. This downturn is still going down and will for years to come. An MLA or MUD willl be no more sexier and attractive to the few and far fewer employers that are out there now, and won’t be a year from now.

    You need to get into a hardened survivalist mode girl, or choose to pursue a masters in some more employable field like healthcare, with increasingly diminishing job prospects in 2012 and beyond…. Look it up if you don’t see that thin light beam of truth.

    Breathe deeply and catch your breath before you pass out.

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