James Atchison

  • John,

    As an entry-level LA, I would like to see ASLA develop a system in helping “new to the industry” workers understand where they should be knowledge wise and how to reach the next step.

    A lot of us are computer savvy these days and I would like to see emails informing us of free learning sessions about specific topics that we (entry-level) e…[Read more]

  • James Atchison replied to the topic MLA or MUD? in the forum PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 8 years ago

    I would look into finding a program that specializes in healthcare projects. At Arizona State, there was a Health Environment (or something to that nature) Course that specialized in healthcare design.
    I say that because that is the kind of work our firm is doing and that market will not go away. So I would just do a quick google search if there a…[Read more]

  • To give you some context. It’s a MOB and we are using Forms + Surfaces for the bike rack (Capitol) and trash receptacle (Knight). 

    Erlau has some interesting options. We will discuss them in our next meeting. Thanks.

  • Deryn, 
    Let me start out by saying that I have attended Linn’s workshop as well as ESDA’s graphic workshop. I find you always learn something new because of the different perspectives from each class. I have changed things like, the type of pen I use to the color of markers I keep together. It depends on what you want out of the workshops (the…[Read more]

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