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    Benjamin Loh

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced Landscape Architect who is happy to share / advise me on career development, particularly those with overseas experience eg. China, Australia or NZ. Hope to hear from you if you are one. 



    I’ve never worked as an LA overseas (though, approx. 8 yrs. ago, I was offered a Senior LA position in Belt Collins’ Hong Kong, China branch office).  The BEST advised I can give you is do a TON of RESEARCH!  Research every location you are considering an LA position.  Cost of Living, Expected Salaries for your experience level; cost of housing; laws concerning how long you can live in a particular company – and their criteria you must meet to be able to move to their Country. Ask many questions of the LA firm….like if you think you’re close to getting an offer…you’ll need to know IF they will be paying to the costs for your relocation…as that will be a high expense. 

    I remember doing research on Hong Kong when I was considering the Belt Collins’ offer.  I learned that in Hong Kong – to rent an apt. (approx. 600 sq. ft.), I would be looking at close to $3,500.00 per mo. & in order to move in…2-1/2 mos. rent was required (up-front).  Cost of Living in Hong Kong is in the Top 5 cities in the World.

    If you’re actively seeking an LA job overseas, I think you’re best bet is to use an “International Job Recruiter”….but STILL….do your own RESEARCH.  Those recruiters get HIGH fees to place people, so they will do whatever they can to get you into a job…just be cautious dealing with them.

    And…personally, if it were me….I’d get a “signed contract” for a minimum of (1) year – which would be about the same length as your apartment lease.



    Benjamin Loh

    Thanks Bob for your advice. I really appreciate that you spent time writing this. I try to private message you but could not find a way to do so. I will try again when I return to my desk.

    Goustan BODIN

    Seems as if I can’t mp you until we’re friends…

    I really like your portfolio, hope you can find what you’re looking for.

    Benjamin Loh

    yes, i think so. Now we are friend 🙂  You may pm me. thanks in advance!

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