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    Lori Molitor

    I just learned about PlantANT, an online (and mobile) plant database that allows you to search nursery inventories by plant and location.  Unfortunately, they don’t have any suppliers in the Pacific Northwest just yet.  According to the response I got from their ‘contact us’ web form, “We just launched this site and most of our nurseries are in our hometown of Florida.  We have been expanding rapidly, though, and already have quite a few suppliers in TX, MS, AL, GA, and SC.”


    So, if you or your projects are located in those areas, check it out.  If you guys make it a success, I’m sure it will expand to serve my area.






    This looks great! Can’t wait till they make it into the Northeast market as well. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

    Mario Margheriti

    Dear Lori,


    I woukd like to know if this plant database includes also European Nurseries or just American ones. It would be great for me to add the nursery I work for in Italy. We work a lot with landscapers and we would like to let everybody knows our company.


    Thank you very muach


    Thanks for the link.  I am working on a project in Alabama right now and this, hopefully, will come in very handy.  Looking forward to studying it a little closer.

    Jon Quackenbush

    No one in my area uses it yet.

    Jonathan Smith, RLA

    If you’re looking for plant databases, in the PNW, look at nursery associations.


    Oregon Nursery Association  ( has a searchable database for growers and wholsalers in Oregon and a few in surrounding states.


    Also Washington ( ).




    Jonathan Smith, RLA



    Who do you contract to install your work in Seattle?




    We are 1000 Nurseries Strong, We just returned from MANTS and have several New Growers and a whole lot more people searching in the NE now.

    Help us grow this tool in your area,  tell a grower to call or email me, I’m the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi rep. I will help them get their availabilities up. Tell them to send me their list with spec’s and we will get there product where you can find it.

    Did I mention we have a phone Ap, once we load your growers availability, they can access their product on their smart device, click on the item they want to take a pic of and ‘BANG’ it loads it straight to their online availability. Oh yeah, This is a Wholesale to the trade only website.  plantANT

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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