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    Josh Burwell

    does anyone have any suggestions for a good all around manual for industry standards such as disability accomodations, SWM techniques, grading standards ,pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation to name a few?
    I am considering Time-saver standards for Landscape Architecture by Harris and Dines.


    I think thats the industry standard along with ‘architectural graphic standards.’

    Josh Burwell

    great, I will check out ‘graphic standards’ I am currently in my second year studies for Landscape architecture and wanted a good basic manual.

    Amy Verel

    Good suggestions for other graphics reference, but for technical reference I’d recommend still picking up Time Saver Standards while you’ve got money budgeted for textbooks (something I didn’t while in grad school, LOL) – it was the go-to reference in my last office and I’ve always regretting not picking it up while I was in school – they didn’t make us buy it (even though I went to UMass Amherst, former home of “Dines”) but just gave us photocopies of parts of it b/c it was so expensive. Definitely a must for the bookshelf though!

    Chad Crutcher

    I also suggest a copy of Architectural Graphic Standards…much more detail about construction and helpful if coordinating with architects.

    Daryn Fair

    Looking for LA reference book?
    Contact me, I have one new copy of Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards ($ 192.00) Savings $ 43.00 over retail.
    Leonard J. Hopper (Editor) – Wiley, Hardcover
    Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards is new, definitive reference work for everyone involved with landscape architecture, design, and construction. Based on the 70-year success of Architectural Graphic Standards, this new book is destined to become the “bible” for the landscape field. Edited by an educator and former president of the American Society of Landscape Architects, it provides immediate access to rules-of-thumb and standards used throughout the planning, design, construction and management of landscapes.

    “This is a thorough and comprehensive reference to the standards and practices of landscape architecture and design necessary for producing professional drawings.” (Book News, February 2008)

    Terry DeWan, FASLA

    Another handy addition to the collection is the Landscape Architect’s Portable Handbook, by Nick Dines and Kyle Brown. While not as full-featured as the basic references, it does offer a wealth of information… and the price is considerably less. Check it out at Amazon:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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