Timber Decking on Buzon Pedestal

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    Hi everyone, good day to you.

    I am currently working on a project, with which i need to detail a timber deck on a pedestal system. I’m just wondering if anyone of you has done this in any of your projects and if so, how can i secure the timber panels from moving on the pedestals?

    Second, is 75mm x 100mm thk floor joists enough to support the panels?

    Third, how much should be the gap between the timber panels? I normally use 5mm, but some clients had complained that women wearing stilettos have problem when their heels so through the gaps.

    And lastly, which is better for outdoor use? Ironwood or yellow balau. Here in Singapore, according to decking suppliers, ironwood is hardier. Is that true?

    Rico Flor

    Hi Nikka.

    It’s January and by now, you would have had some answers. So, just to compare notes, I use a 600mm x 600mm minimum each way for the Buzon pedestals on-centers, so that’s bound to support your 75mm x 100mm joists. What spacing do you use? It’s a girl thang, but if stiletto heels do get thinner than 5mm, then I would space the planks (or panels??) closer. If my reckoning of ironwood is correct, i.e. Pterocarpus indicus, yes they will weather the outdoors. SEA, you should have other options like teak…



    I have experienced using Buzon Pedestal for one of the projects in Qatar. The difference is instead of natural wood, i have proposed using composite timber. Roh-Mix has a package which combine the Buzon Pedestal and composite timber. The texture and colour is similar to wood although it lack the natural grain and texture of natural wood. There are alot of composite timber supplier in market but Roh-Mix Ccomposite timber is less plastic-ky. Oh, and they do the detail drawings for you as well.
    You can try exploring with composite timber. Less maintenance as compared to natural wood.

    hope it helps in a way…

    Rico Flor

    Hi Syarzad.

    Have you compared the Roh-Mix version from the Correctdeck version? Verzalit seems out of contention; it’s hollow, makes a peculiar sound…. I’m interested to as to how they fare from a designer’s point of view. Both seem so similar from my end (I haven’t compared prices yet). Both might have similar LEED impact in terms of transport as they are both shipped (Roh-Mix from Belgium, Correctdeck from the US).

    Do tell me if my reckoning isn’t quite correct…


    Hi Rico

    From my personal point of view, Correctdeck was a bit plastic-y for my taste. I do have to agree with you on Verzalit. It gives that peculiar hollow sound due to the structure. Roh-Mix has textured surface that resembles the wood bark although the texture looks faint and a tad tacky.
    Colour wise, the choice of colour that I wanted can only be found within the Roh-Mix colour scheme.

    But in comparison, the main reason why I proposed Roh-Mix is due to the fact that it comes in a package with the Buzon Pedestal which makes the price a lot cheaper than Correctdeck – which only comes in composite planks instead.
    Plus, the Roh-Mix guy even did shop drawings with technical details on how the final installation would look like! (in CAD format)

    I have compared the estimate for per square metre between both .It’s somewhere in my piling notes.
    Once I find it, I will post it for your comparison.

    What do you reckon?

    Rico Flor

    The Buzon-RohMix package does make sense for client’s savings and contractor’s sanity! I do have to bother Mr. Joerg again about RohMix dimensions.

    My current gripe for now (actually, very minor) is related to product support. In the absence of Mr. Joerg, the staff would just not reply to my queries on RohMix dimensions and particulars. But thanks to your tip, I will persist further. Lots of trellises and decks staring back at me on my concept drawings. They should be detailed in due time…soon…

    Thanks for your inputs!


    My previous proposal detailed drawings were done by Roh-Mix. This includes the cost estimates as well per square metre plus the shipping cost and everything!
    It saved a lot of my time in trying to design the details for the pedestrian bridge. Roh-Mix do offer that additional service if you request for them to do so but you have to provide them with all the concept details and they will come out with the specs and drawings.

    Pretty convenient eh…I still have no idea where i kept the comparison notes…
    Best of luck to you, Rico~

    Oh, if you want to proposed natural timber, Eagle Agro Link LLC does offer you a few selection of good quality timber post and stuff…Check out http://www.eagleagro.com.



    Gosh, thank you, Sir Rico and Syaryzad for your answers. Justt read them, actually! πŸ™‚


    Thanks, Syaryzad. Composite timber is quite famous here in Singapore, specially now that the BCA (Building Construction Authority) has coerced developers to participate in their program called Green Mark, and proposing composite timber for a project would earn them some points. It’s a nice thing, really, but there are still some architects and clients who would prefer to have natural timber over composite.

    For this particular project, it was captured in the tender to have natural timber — it was preference of the Client and ours.

    I think, here in SG, we have brands like Kianson, Jrex / Ceiba, which supply (and sometimes, install too!) composite timber. Reception to them has been good so far.:)

    Rico Flor

    Anytime, Nikka!


    kianson is famous for their composite timber. can find them at http://www.kianson.com. Any idea what kind of timber does Ceiba has?


    hi oklahoma. sorry for the late reply.

    anyway, i cannot remember, but i can let you know on Monday.:) Venus Enterprise (water feature specialist) is one of its suppliers.


    hi oklahoma,

    from Ceiba’s brochure:

    “CEIBA is made from a mixture of recycled plastic and waste wood fibre. Recycled plastic such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are used to reinforce the mechanical strength of Ceiba Fibre Plastic. And the use of waste wood fibre collected from construction sites contributes to its wood-like texture.”

    Colors available are Red Ceiba, Golden Brown, Walnut Brown & Mission Brown.

    You may contact Venus Enterprises Pte Ltd. for samples and brochures:
    Blk 4005 Depot Lane #01-103 Sg 109759
    Tel. (65) 6272 9185
    Fax. (65) 6272 1091

    I hope this helps.:)


    Thanks so much for the effort.

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