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    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Hello to Everyone!
    We will apply our first vertical garden in the following days and I wanted to ask if anyone would share their experience about the application details. I checked quite a lot of sources and it doesn’t seem to be very difficult since that nowadays you can see vertical gardens almost everywhere done by not only Patrick Blanc but also others.
    My worry is that if the irrigation pipe that will be installed at the top of the panel will give sufficient water to a 270cm tall plant panel.
    Another worry is the project is in Istanbul and I would appreciate if anyone would give suggestion about the plant species since that we have quite hot summers here.
    Summarizing the issue, I would appreciate any helpful tip related to vertical garden installation and care.
    Greetings from Istanbul.


    Salam Elif,

    There are a few method in creating a vertical garden. I did a project in Jordan using the green wall system by (you can even download the working drawings from their website!) which as Henry describe using trellage and let the plants climb. This method however will take time.

    What kind of wall system are you using by the way?

    The recent project I have done in Qatar uses the interlocking retaining wall blocks with shrubs plantings in between the massive 3 metres high wall. The irrigation line is laid inbetween the blocks using drip system.

    Planting wise, I proposed low to medium water requirement shrubs to minimize the usage of water. For the project in Qatar, i proposed mixtures of bougainvillea glabra for being hardy but they can really grow big!, Trachelospermum jasminoides for the sweet aroma, lantana montevidensis and lantana camara for the trailing effect…Hope this helps you out in a way~

    Have fun with your Vertical Garden~


    What system are you considering: soil, hydroponic or climbing?

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    I guess hydroponic, not sure but same as Partick Blanc. The structure of his system seems easier to apply and the materials could be found without any difficulty.
    I wonder if only one irrigation pipe at the top of the panel would be enough for the plants and how should I manage the fertilization?

    Thanks a lot.

    James Dawson

    the irrigation system employed depends on the plant growing media being used (i.e. factors like water retention, etc)
    i have some images of a recent vertical and roof garden installed on my folio (on this site)
    i used a system from a company called fytogreen

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Thank you very much. I checked your folio. Congrats on the design! I just discussed the issue with our irrigation specialist and she told me the same thing you have mentioned above. I will also check the company you have suggested. Hope everything is gonna be fine and I will succeed the installation.

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Thank you very much for the information. I want to use the system that Patrick Blanc uses. It’s not just because it’s simply easy but also the site is quite ready and we cannot interfere with the materials on the terrace. I am developing the design these days and I thought as the irrigation will be on top of the platform , rthe plants on top will be irrigated more than the ones at the bottom. Our irrigation specialist says that it’s not true and after the system stops giving water all the platform will be equally watered. What do you think and do you have photos from the installation of your project?

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Thanks a lot for the answer. Actually I agree with you for using the climber plants but there is a fashion for this vertical garden of Mr. Blanc and the client insists on this style. Hopefully soon I will have to apply and I let you know if I succeed or not.
    Thank you very much once again.

    Éric Bond

    drip line 1/2′ 12”c/c drippers is working good
    3 feets seperate dripline in staggered rows
    use native plants of your area.
    our system (hydro-Felt) is a capilarity hydroponic system, similar in look to PB system. + tricky stuff in it !
    if you need anything else contact me.
    material, etc….

    Éric Bond

    Vance W. Hall


    Patrick Blanc’s system is a great lightweight hydroponic system. Like any complex hydroponic system you need to have an understanding of your maintenance staff and their abilities. I would look for plants that require a similar “simple” liquid fertilizer mix, or half your wall will thrive and the others will be choked out or dwindle. This will also provide a less complex fertilizer and watering schedule for the staff.

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Thanks for the detailed information.
    I have some questions though;
    1. You use two layers of this fabric on the panels, right?
    2. How do you attach the fabric on the panel. Blanc uses staplers. I just wonder if I have to attach them on the panel at the same time or seperately?
    3. Is it ok if we give the fertilizer with spray?
    Note: The panel is 350cm tall and has 420 length and there are two panels.

    Éric Bond

    Our system is different to PB system first,
    I’v seen many PB Jobs and he use different way to make it.
    basicly, 2 layers of its felt and a kind of black root barrier material stapples all together. but seperatly !
    layers by layers. i have a picture somewhere of its layers ..i’ll try to find it.
    the planting in between the two felts.
    spray fertilizer will not be effective as a low emmision injector.

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Thanks a lot. I think we might have some companies in Turkey giving similar services. I’ll check about it.

    laurent corradi

    If you need to get more information about vertical garden please do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website
    Laurent Corradi

    Les Ballard

    I am sure the older native trailing or climbing roses, which you can let grow down, will do well and you can block varieties by colour leaving the nice smells for the base where the people are. For water, a half horsepower pump works wonders and any plumbing company will tell you what power you need for the height you have, volume you want and introductory head. That is to say, if you are using a high pressure from the mains, or none from an underground rain or “grey” water tank. You can also pump water between tanks below ground and on the top of the project, which can then water the wall by gravity. The top tanks should autmatically fill by a cistern system and watering should be on a time switch before dawn, say 3am. In the hottest weather there may be a second watering subject to advices received and experience. That said, rose experts may suggest watering to saturation every few days, not every day. The same with other med. plants, even with a drought period of a week every now and again. If this is a big and not a private project I suggest you reclaim some costs with turkish delight, rose water, rose hip syrup or whatever as a product. It is certainly good for premium price range souvenirs. You need to allow for the introduction in the irrigation system of liquid feed and alternative mains top up to a lower source if it dries out.

    Where you are, it is relatively cheap to have metal products made. Here it is dear. I would suggest that, whatever your design, you use your facility to have ornamental ironwork and balcony fronts as well as window box holders to exhibit the local industry and art. Islamic artwork, that is not representational of figures, would be fine but something like a couple dancing with foliage coming out from behind and around them would be lovely too, modern and representational of the new mood in the country.. Similarly, local and other european preoccupation with eternal life, the goddess and overcoming the seasons would be nicely represnted by sa selection of diffeent hederas – ivy – and a local evergreen tree. Also, the flat veriety of juniper at the edges or corners might be fun grown vertically and provide a crop. Finally, lower down, It would be nice to smell and see both lemon and ivy/climbing geranium and, on a hanging basket basis, tumbler variety of tomato which hangs down with little tomatoes to pick when ripe. You can, of course, also grow lemon and lime trees which can be cropped if a system is created to work on the face of the garden without scaffolding, etc. A skyscraper window cleaning system is where I would go with that. Do not allow run-off from the evergreens to acidify the soils other plants are growing in – stagger the areas..

    Luv n Lite

    Les Ballard

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