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    Gavin Walsh

    It looks like you started this post back in May ’09, but I checked out your folio and didn’t see any pictures of the vertical garden yet.. so I thought I’d maybe weigh in. As far as the water needed for a pipe goes, you’d need a horizontal irrigation pipe for every 10 ft of vertical surface if you’re using Patrick Blanc’s method… that’d be a general guideline. Typically you’d want to staple two layers of felt to a PVC surface (or another waterproof surface) – then cut a slit in the first layer of felt. Stick the plant in the slit and put about five staples around the roots to form a pocket. Have you completed your vertical garden yet? Do you have any pictures or more questions?

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Actually, I have completed this vertical garden project. There is a picture among my photos and you can also find an article about it in the internet site of Landscape Middle East Magazine. (

    For now, it’s still doing fine but we had some rough winter and it snowed a lot here in Istanbul. Some small groundcover plants got damaged. I just checked it today. We will change it.
    The issue that I am wondering whether there is anyway to avoid plants to get frozen or not. Should I choose the species accordingly?
    I thought, I would use these groundcovers to give the color and the flower that the client was requesting to see, then i would change it before spring. Of course, at the same time I have some plants that I was sure nothing was going to happen and they are actually fine.
    What would you suggest? Should I use plants resistant to cold, in that case they would never see enough colorful species, or change some of the plant material seasonally?
    Thanks a lot.

    Gavin Walsh

    Very nice! I went to the Middle East Magazine and looked at the article. The wall was very well done. That’s interesting that you used a stucco net. Is that working well for you?
    I think choosing what to do with your plants over winter is a matter of taste. Some will go into hibernation and change color only to come back in the spring. Others may die, but look better in the warmer months.. so that part likely depends on your plant selection and your weather there in Istanbul.
    However, I have heard of people putting up a bit of a mesh or cloth covering over the wall temporarily to shield it from the cold/frost. When the weather is particularly bad.. or even just at nights, the mesh could be draped over top of the wall to help protect it.
    Your other option, of course, it to keep changing out the plants. I think your final solution would be up to you and your client in terms of the look they want in the winter as well as the costs of changing the plant material.

    Richard Longman


    I particularly like the fact that you used a blue sheet of stucco netting to contract the landscape with the man-made. Not just a green wall, but a creative artistic statement about the urban condition. Well done indeed!

    Shame the wall can’t be seen by the public on the street.

    As for the seasonal plants I would think of it as any other landscape design…does the owner have the resources for a high maintenance installation or do they basically operate like a lot of clients and want little to do with the landscape after it’s installed.


    hi, u could find helpful this file

    tell me if u need more

    Gavin Walsh

    I am hoping I could get your permission to write a post about your work on my site.. would that be okay with you?

    Juha Kivim├Ąki

    Hi everybody,
    it seems that I take part to this discussion really late, but I might have very interesting technique for the green walls, probably the best at the market this time. This system comes from Sweden, used for example by Chelsea Flower Show by the booth “best of show” Ulf Nordjfell. You can find pics for example
    This system has developed Company called Veg Tech, have a look to they websites:—vaxtvaggar/uid-177/categoryinformation.aspx
    unluckily it is just in swedish or finnish, but if necessary, don’t hesitate to contact they office in Stockholm or Vislanda.
    Because I’m preresentative for Veg Tech products in Finland I know also quite a lot about this module based system.


    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Of course. We would appreciate if you could use the name of the company I work for.(Botanic Garden,Istanbul)
    Thank you for the suggestions. I will let the client know about covering the wall in snowy day.
    Though still; I think it should be ok to change the plants if they go bad.
    We will see how it is going to be this summer. ­čÖé

    Thanks a lot once again.
    Greetings from Istanbul…

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Grazie per il PDF. E’ molto utile anche per i miei collegi.

    Tanti saluti da Istanbul!

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    I believe that the client has enough sources to support the wall but maybe it is difficult to make them understand why it has to be changed. In the end, they might think that we are using the wrong plants…
    Well, it is quite normal when you are dealing with new things…
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    Thank you very much for the link.
    I think we also have photos from the installation you have sent form Chelea Flower Show. My boss went to see it last year.
    The link of the comany seems very nice. I would appreciate your help if I have any questions about the site.

    Thanks and saluti from Istanbul.


    Prego ­čÖé Buon lavoro

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