Land8 Happy Hour – Chicagostyle!

Thanks to everyone able to attend this year’s Land8 Happy Hour – Chicagostyle! And many thanks to Baseline and Vectorworks for sponsoring the event. For those of you who missed it this year, we met at the Exchequer Restaurant on the Saturday night of the 2009 ASLA Conference for some Chicagostyle deep dish pizza and cold beverages. There were close to 70 people who attended and it was awesome to meet everyone in person.

Here are some pictures of the event…

During the first hour, visitors made themselves comfortable. Sitting at the table in the forground is Scott Munroe. He later won the Tallest Hat Contest. In the background you see the screen with a running slideshow of members’ work from the Gallery. (Right) Scott showing off his hat.

It was great to see how the event crossed so many boundaries. Here Eric Gilbey of Vectorworks makes friends with Jeremiah Farmer of Land F/X.

Here is the packed house around the midpoint of the evening.

Some folks stuck around afterward to continue the conversation and help finish off the rest of the pizza.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and made the evening so much fun. Here’s to next year!

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  1. Andrew thank you for organizing this event it was very nice. On behalf of the host Illinois ASLA we are thrilled you all did this in Chicago and hope that all of you had a great time in our City and enjoyed the Annual Meeting and Expo.

  2. Thank you for the chance you gave us to meet each other. It was a very cool event, where I felt more comfortable to make some new friends. See you next year!

  3. Hi Andrew – thanks so much for a great night. I met Dinorah (Hi Dinorah!) who was an inpiration and a lot of fun. Best of luck to everyone!

  4. Andrew it really was a great event and I think that we all made some good new friends over good beer and Pizza. The hat still has the Land8 button on it and I am glade it was such a good ice breaker for everyone. Also thank you to the folks from vectorworks and baseline.

  5. Sudden work meeting set.. I couldn’t make it.. I feel.. so sad.. When is the next time gonna be? Ah.. (T.T)

  6. Sorry Frank and I had to duck out early but we definitely enjoyed the event! The Land8 pins were great too – we had ours pinned to our lanyards and frequently found ourselves explaining them to people at the Meeting and promoting the site, so hopefully we sent some new members your way. Looking forward to seeing you in DC next year!

  7. Sorry I missed it! See you in D.C.?

  8. I wish I could have attended this but hey at least we were able to meet after all this time. Thanks for coming by the UGA table. Maybe next time in DC.

  9. This was a great time all around! Having the chance to meet new friends and put faces to the names of those I’ve chatted with in the Lounge. Thanks again, Andrew…looking forward to welcoming all to DC next year!

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