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Land8 Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture 2019 – Winners!

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Announcing the winners of the 2nd Annual Land8 Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture! Social media has the power to significantly increase the awareness and importance of the profession of landscape architecture, and Land8 believes industry leaders in social media should be promoted and recognized. Be sure to follow the winners to help grow and promote the profession!

Top 10 Social Media Accounts – Landscape Architecture Firms

  1. TBG Partners – A leader in the social media scene, TBG shows that landscape architects are powerful connectors – in cities and on projects – and showcases the scales in which they work, from macro to micro. At TBG, they make a concerted effort to demystify what it is that landscape architects do and educate followers on ALL aspects of landscape architecture by posting a mix of beautiful hand-drawings, renderings, videos and stunning built photos.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Blog
  2. NAK Design Strategies – NAK uses their social media platforms to engage and connect with industry professionals, students, and the general public. NAK utilizes various platforms as an effective and engaging way to broaden the general understanding of what landscape architects do. Staff features, videos, and finished work are shared weekly with the goal of broadening awareness of the profession.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
  3. Loft Six Four – Loft Six Four legitimizes landscape architecture as a uniquely creative and collaborative profession. They use social media to promote the work they do with all of their allied professionals. They have gained a lot of followers from both within and without the profession, which gives them the opportunity to explain the field and help people better understand what landscape architecture is all about. They are an idea driven firm and showcasing the ‘big’ ideas that come out of their sketches and work is vital to their success.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | LinkedIn | Blog
  4. site design group, ltd. (site) – site bases their social media approach on three primary topics: what they do, who they are, and what landscape architecture is. They share their wide-ranging projects at all stages of the process, including initial sketches, finished design, construction, and built work. They highlight the unique qualifications and diverse backgrounds of their team and their involvement in civic and community leadership. site also showcases the breadth of the profession and how it contributes to social and environmental betterment for all.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook
  5. Arterial – Arterial explores and illustrates the value of landscape architecture and street design from a personal and a collective standpoint in a way that everyone can appreciate. They highlight the importance of the field by posting tips and best practices, facts, articles of interest, their work, inspirational case studies, and more. They noticed that conversations began to flourish online and “in real life” based on online content, and that those conversations can create tangible changes that benefit society.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter
  6. Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners – Felixx wants to create projects with impact and happy environments. The images and text they use have a playful appearance, which fits in well with the identity of the office. The images tell the concept behind the project and form a certain storyline, appropriate to the project and to the charismatic side of the agency. Their images leave something to the imagination, to trigger awareness, to do justice to the multi-layered nature of the projects, and to promote landscape architecture.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
  7. Seferian Design Group – The Seferian Design Group team utilizes their social media channels to educate and inspire followers on who they are, what they do, and why they do it (people, projects, and passions). They believe in creating memorable experiences through design that deeply connect landscape architecture with nature and people, and by scrolling through their social media channels you will discover just that. They immerse themselves in the landscapes they design and hope that others will be able to find a similar connection.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
  8. Cādence – As the landscape of social media evolves, Cadence revisits the ways they use this tool to engage and educate their online community. Advocating as a voice for the environment, 2019 shares pointed followers to actionable steps everyone can take to connect with and protect nature. As trailblazers on the forefront of social communication in 2010, Cadence’s art of storytelling was most conducive for the continued trend of “Stories”, giving their international following a window into Cadence culture.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Blog
  9. LandDesign, Inc. – LandDesign is a collective of landscape architects and civil engineers, a unique balance of logic and magic – their social media is no different in telling a story. Highlighting how they create a place of value through their DesignDetails campaign and innovative designers through DesignIdeation and Spotlight campaigns, their content balances detailed renderings and candid interviews that illustrate what makes LandDesign unique.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog
  10. Jolma Architects Ltd – Jolma Architects uses their Instagram account as part of their communication strategy to promote the design, research, and communication work they undertake. As well as providing plans, diagrams and visualizations, they also publish quotes from written works in an engaging and visual style to promote the profession and importance of landscape architecture in today’s society.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram

Top 10 Social Media Accounts – Individual Landscape Architects

  1. Eric Arneson – Eric has been posting his personal projects, tutorials, and landscape-related memes on an almost daily basis for the past five years while garnering a tremendous following. He treats his Instagram as a professional portfolio / journal that showcases his day-to-day work and gives insight into the life of a landscape designer.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | YouTube
  2. Nahal Sohbati – Nahal posts personal projects that showcases her design process involving graphics, technique and new technologies. Through her amazingly visual posts, she has amassed a large following and promotes the profession of landscape architecture to a wide audience.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  3. Kale Hicks – Kale uses social media to connect people in the profession of landscape architecture, no matter where they are in their journey. From professionals or companies to interns and students, communication is the key. By celebrating the work we’re all doing, be it built or just currently on paper or trapped in digital form, it brings people together.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  4. Cassidy Michaux – Cassidy advocates for the use of hand graphics in the design process as a unique and direct connection from mind to paper. He utilizes both traditional and digital drawing media.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  5. Nate Jaramillo – Landscape architects use graphics every day to communicate a message and solve problems. Nate similarly utilizes his Instagram account to use the everyday graphics on his personal account, complementing his firm’s account, to create content to show off the benefits, skills, creativity and importance of landscape architecture.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  6. Duncan Gibbs – Duncan is deeply interested in looking at the last 100 or so years of landscape architecture that can be collected under the heading of “Modernist Garden Design” where the precepts of what could be considered a ‘garden’/landscape architecture have been exploded. Much of this history is unsung and underrepresented with so much still be learned from these individuals and groups. He enjoys sharing the process of exploring and presenting these people and their works in his #modernistgardenseries in Instagram.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  7. Matt Sickle – Through essays and Instagram, Matt explores the landscape architect’s role in contemporary monument and memorial design. MonumentBlog essays explore topics of memory, ethics, and representation in public spaces. Diverse voices are featured on the site and have written featured responses to his perspectives. MonumentBlog’s Instagram feed features beautiful images of landscape-centered memorials, sculpture parks, and other places where landscape architects build culture through design.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Blog 
  8. Giacomo Guzzon – After graduating in landscape architecture, Giacomo quickly understood the need to write and share ideas in our profession to increase understanding of our work and its benefits, to gain professional standing as a highly valued discipline, and to achieve increased visibility. He uses Instagram and writes for blogs to share interesting ideas and projects that he has visited. He is particularly committed to increase the sensibility and knowledge of plants among landscape architects.
    Accounts to followInstagram
  9. Cannon Ivers – Staging Urban Landscapes is a platform to spotlight the activation and curation of flexible public spaces. The feed features annual installations, spaces that have been designed to act as a stage for events, cultural celebrations and installations. The platform is unique in its content because it looks at the social and cultural dimensions of design—aspects that are increasing prioritized by clients and designers around the world.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram 
  10. Michael Batts – Michael’s social media strategy is simple. He highlights reasons people should continue to sketch in our digitally diluted profession. He offers a curated array of thought sketches to inspire the profession and challenge landscape architects to explore sketching and drawing as a thought process… not simply as a visualization tool. His efforts on Instagram are inspiring to others in landscape architecture and spur them to further the depth of their design thinking.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram

Top 10 Social Media Accounts – Allied Organizations

  1. American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) | Keeping with its mission, ASLA’s social media channels continue to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship. This is the place to find award-winning projects and to see what recent efforts the organization is doing to advance the profession, reaching and inspiring many outside of the USA as well with its large following and reach.
    Accounts to follow:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  2. EcoFoci – EcoFoci is an online platform (in Arabic Language) to promote the field of landscape architecture in Middle East. They showcase the latest and extraordinary work of landscape and garden design from around the world.
    Accounts to follow:  InstagramFacebook | Twitter
  3. LABash Conference – The landscape architecture students organizing the LABash Conference (last year at University of Georgia and this year at Cornell University) utilize Instagram and Facebook as an outlet to connect with students from landscape architecture programs and professionals from across the country. Through these platforms, they promote their conference to drive attendance and increase their awareness of LABash, a student-run landscape architecture conference. Social media has been imperative to the tremendous growth of the conference over recent years.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook
  4. Landscape Forms – Landscape Forms’ social media channels present them with a powerful opportunity to connect, motivate, inspire, and engage with landscape architects and others. As they celebrated their 50th year in 2019, they honored this community on their social media platforms. Over the year, they featured more than 50 landscape architects of varying professional career levels who were identified as key contributors and gave them a platform to share their hopes and aspirations for the industry.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
  5. New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects – NJASLA caters to experts in the field as well as the general public. They share educational events, post plant facts and identification, promote their state’s outstanding firms with their work and job opportunities, and share breathtaking New Jersey views that encourage their audience to go out and enjoy the landscape. The chapter celebrates annual events including World Landscape Architecture Month and takes advantage of select holidays (eg. World Mental Health Day) to connect landscape architecture to everyday life.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  6. Anova Furnishings – Anova’s social media channels represent a mix of product features and promotion of landscape architects, their work, and the various programs and events that they support. Their noteworthy grant programs highlight the many talents of landscape architects, which are prominently featured on their social media channels. Their involvement in supporting and promoting the profession shines through their online presence.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram | Facebook
  7. Kansas State University Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Community Planning – The KSU Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Community Planning uses Instagram as a positive influence by showing people how landscape architects #shapetheworld, whether that’s in school or in the professional world. It shows students the many topics landscape architects can delve into, and how education and research really shape our world and make for better realities and greener futures. Overall, it shows the excitement students, alumni, and faculty have about landscape architecture.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  8. Michigan State University ASLA Club (MSU ASLA Club) – The MSU ASLA Club uses social media to promote  peers, celebrate the field of landscape architecture, and cherish the MSU community of landscape architecture students. They also use social media to keep in touch across current students and past alumni from their program. It’s a creative and social expression for their club.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram
  9. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) – SILA promotes the landscape architecture profession and creates public awareness of the what landscape architects do by sharing photos of new projects designed by landscape architects, interviews, and promoting educational tours that are organized for members and also to the public.
    Accounts to follow:  Facebook
  10. Halprin Project at University of Southern California (USC) – The Halprin Project, while recently establishing themselves on Instagram, is dedicated to archiving research about influential landscape architect Lawrence Halprin through the lens of new media art.
    Accounts to follow:  Instagram

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Please visit Land8 again in December 2020 for next year’s call for nominations!

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