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Land8 Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture 2020 – Winners!

Land8 Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture 2020 – Winners!

Here are the winners of the 3rd Annual Land8 Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture! Social media has the power to significantly increase the awareness and importance of the profession of landscape architecture, and Land8 believes industry leaders in social media should be promoted and recognized. Be sure to follow the winners to help grow and promote the profession!


  1. EDSA – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Blog 
    EDSA expands on opportunities for thought leadership, showcases design expertise through innovative projects and highlights the talent and culture of the firm. Deep collaboration allows them to develop posts that inform and inspire those in the industry and the next generation of landscape architects. They understand the lack of knowledge around the profession and work hard to build a constant stream of content that focuses on the industry, profession awareness, and the good that landscape architects collectively do around the globe.
  2. TBG PartnersInstagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Blog
    Along with their visually stunning hand-drawings, renderings, videos, and photos, TBG Partners sees their role as landscape architects in helping solve current day crises, such as climate change, the current pandemic, and race relations, as non-negotiable. TBG also understands their obligation as a profession to publicly advocate for environmental and social justice in the built environment moving forward – and social media will be an important avenue for this vital discourse.
  3. Cadence – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Blog
    During a year of great pause, Cadence’s established feed continued to strengthen as the fabric of our society adapts with the times. On the forefront of social media since 2010, they were empowered to elevate their online voice to demonstrate how to take action and advocate for values that matter. Beyond sharing production in their studio, they used Instagram Story to highlight the diverse population of designers, organizations, and leaders working towards the greater good of humanity and our environment.
  4. NAK Design Strategies – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
    NAK uses their social media platforms to engage and connect with industry professionals, students, and the general public. NAK utilizes various platforms as an effective and engaging way to broaden the general understanding of what landscape architects do. Staff features, videos, and finished work are shared weekly with the goal of broadening awareness of the profession.
  5. dwg. – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
    In 2020, dwg.’s social media focused on the evolution of landscape architecture over the past decade through the lens of their own work. Pillars that are now at the forefront of green design were identified early in dwg.’s practice and showcased in their #DigitalRetrospective campaign. The campaign ran on all social media outlets, included personal perspectives from those in the field and showcased compelling imagery that captivated all audiences.
  6. ArterialInstagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter
    Last year, people realized that getting outside can improve their physical and mental health and that creating a positive outdoor experience is important. Arterial was part of that conversation utilizing an approachable and optimistic tone in their platforms and through use of educational tidbits, memes, global inspirations, and other multiple campaigns (WLAMxEarth Day and Flexible Streets), reached those who may be unfamiliar with landscape architecture and provide a sense of hope and optimism.
  7. hochC Landschaftsarchitekten – Instagram | Podcast
    Landscape architecture is not yet so present in German media. hochC Landschaftsarchitekten wants to encourage a discourse about public space, ecology, and how landscape architecture can contribute to it. To achieve this, they have launched the first landscape architecture podcast in German. The podcast is published biweekly and features guests from the discipline as well as related fields. They support the podcast by running an Instagram profile that showcases build projects, concepts, processes, and the various expertise of hochC staff.
  8. Clark Condon – Instagram | Facebook
    Clark Condon uses social media to deliver content that not only highlights their portfolio but enriches, informs, and educates about landscape architecture. Their largest campaign last year celebrated World Landscape Architecture Month by inviting followers to take an in-depth look at the process behind five unique projects. By showcasing how a project goes from idea to finished project, they emphasized the design, creativity, and science that landscape architects use in their craft.
  9. Asakura Robinson – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedInBlog
    Asakura Robinson engages followers by creating posts that promote, support, and educate all on the art of landscape architecture, equity, and sustainable practices. The environments and communities they impact take center stage to celebrate the people and places that make landscape architecture thrive. The firm shares quality content that entices readers to engage with them. It’s clear that they value the ability of public participation alongside their projects, creating space that encourages interaction.
  10. Damon Farber Landscape ArchitectsInstagram
    As a firm that practices across many different market types, Damon Farber Landscape Architects uses social media to display the diversity of forms that make up the field of landscape architecture. They also use their platform to advocate for the values that the industry holds in common. Sustainability initiatives, community engagement activities, and youth / student involvement are essential to propel the field forward, and they use social media to share their efforts in these realms with the larger community.



  1. Zixu Qiao (LandSpace Architecture) – Instagram | YouTube
    LandSpace Architecture uses its social media platforms to engage and connect with landscape architects, students, and the general public. LandSpace Architecture shares free tutorials on its YouTube channel and shares useful tips for landscape architecture students and young professionals on its Instagram and website.
  2. Eric Arneson – Instagram | YouTube
    Eric focused this year to continue posting his daily landscape architecture-related posts and memes but also to create several tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos to share tips for those looking to learn new skills. With a massive following, Eric posts helped to inspire, educate, or entertain both landscape architects and anyone drawn to his creative account.
  3. Nahal Sohbati – Instagram
    Nahal Sohbati is a landscape designer that uses social media to showcase daily insights into the landscape design process. Nahal also utilizes social media as a tool for networking and collaboration with designers, artists, and students, creating a community beyond physical borders.
  4. Marcelo MarttinsInstagram
    Marcelo uses his Instagram account as his online portfolio to showcase his work and promote architectural illustration. Based in Brazil with over 100k followers, his account promotes the skills and artistry of landscape architecture to many.
  5. Matt Sickle (Monument Blog) – Instagram | Blog 
    MonumentBlog is a platform for sharing ideas about monuments, memorials, and public art with the Landscape Architectural community. The blog is focused on commemoration and design ethics as applied to Landscape Architecture. It’s a place for deep thoughts in short essays. On Instagram, Matt shares reflections on current events from a Landscape Architectural point of view. Over the last year, the platform’s mission expanded to include the promotion of underrepresented designers’ work.
  6. Magdalena Aravena Instagram | Twitter
    The collective social challenges of 2020, which led to much personal tension and eventual growth, made Maggie approach social media in a much more open and honest way. Her hope is that in sharing her own professional journey, genuine passion in government affairs, and her volunteer experience empowers others to step into more active roles and to realize that we’re all humans going through our own challenges.
  7. Conor O’SheaInstagram
    Conor’s Instagram account is a platform for showcasing his professional design work, research, teaching to audiences in landscape architecture and other creative industries, and for connecting with other small businesses. As a visual medium, his feed functions as a living portfolio of his work at Hinterlands and the Landscape Strategies Lab. As a companion to this, he uses Stories and Highlights to broadcast day-to-day activities and the ephemera of his design process.
  8. Giovanni CaputoInstagram
    Giovanni uses his Instagram as a gallery to showcase his landscape photography work. He integrates the built landscape with the natural landscape as the focus of the Instagram account. The posts are of various colors and subjects for a visual aesthetic in rows of three.
  9. Joanna Łaska-Sochacka (Studio S Architektura Krajobrazu) – Facebook | Instagram
    Joanna’s social media has helped her encourage the public to understand more about landscape design by sharing landscape and garden design solutions, very far from the norms of garden design in her home country of Poland. She has also utilized her social media for fundraising efforts for those in need by donating her designs as she has always seen her education and experience as a means of helping others.
  10. Kimberly FerraraInstagram
    As a Gen Z emerging professional, Kim has documented her development as a student of landscape architecture on social media from her very first critique. She presents the trials, tribulations, and successes that come with learning landscape architecture in a fun, relatable manner. She has used her platform to uplift fellow students as well as share information that brings others up with her in professional development.


Top 10 Social Media Accounts – ALLIED ORGANIZATIONS

  1. Landscape FirstInstagram | Facebook
    Landscape First promotes international landscape architecture to initiate a cultural, social, and political challenge for cities of the 21st century. As part of their mission, they use social media to build an archive of significant landscape architecture project and act as an “open space” for dialogue and comparison between different design cultures. Each of their beautiful posts describes the project and educates the public about landscape architecture.
  2. American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
    Keeping with its mission, ASLA’s social media channels continue to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship. This is the place to find award-winning projects and to see what recent efforts the organization is doing to advance the profession, reaching and inspiring many outside of the USA as well with its large following and reach.
  3. New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects –  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
    NJASLA’s channels provide content for experts of the field, their allies, and the general public. They highlight NJ’s top projects, designers, as well as relevant work around the world. They continue to provide educational posts and informative event and job listings. However, this year, they focused on highlighting the faces of their community to create more exposure for our evolving field and collaborating with groups that share in their mission of advocacy, education, fellowship, and equity.
  4. Michigan Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects – Instagram | Facebook
    MiASLA connects with chapter members and the public through social media to share about chapter events, design resources, and maintain a responsibility to share information and resources regarding sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and causes related to the field. They dedicate World Landscape Architecture Month to promote their annual ASLA award winners and share local, national, and global firms and projects throughout the year as inspiration for designers and adventurers alike.
  5. WxLAInstagram
    WxLA, an advocacy initiative for gender justice in landscape architecture, leverages its vibrant custom brand and message primarily via Instagram, using the visual medium to build awareness, share ideas and celebrate its growing community of nearly 1,700 followers. Posts and stories curated by WxLA celebrate women-led landscape practices, allow for take-overs by mission-aligned organizations, and implement its annual fundraiser and scholarship. It is a model for inclusive, equity-driven action!
  6. Seen Instagram
    Seen, a social media consultant for mostly landscape architects, is passionate about public space, cities, and related ecologies. Rather than continuous advertisements for services, they created a digital space for sharing ideas about design, landscapes, urbanism, and the people who inhabit these spaces. Seen also launched “The Flaneur Project”, a collaborative social media project about public space with the first project in collaboration with The National Association of Minority Landscape Architects.
  7. Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture – Instagram
    Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture has been working to amplify the voice of their work in educating and training future generations of landscape architects to design the public realm. Their Instagram is not a fixed position, not a single author or editor. It is really a collective effort of faculty and students. They effectively highlight work, ideas, individuals, and opportunities.
  8. Landscape Forms – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
    Social media presents Landscape Forms with a powerful opportunity to connect, motivate, inspire, and engage with landscape architects and the supporting community. Throughout the year, they shared a variety of case studies and user-generated content of spaces and places across their platforms as a way to showcase the designs and unique story behind each project. By doing this, they continue to recognize their clients, their designs, and the industry that has helped them grow.
  9. Earthscape Play – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
    To highlight the key role of landscape architecture in placemaking and community building, Earthscape Play always tags and recognizes their collaborative and inspirational landscape architecture partners – the heroes and leaders who advocate for cherished public spaces. When images of their playgrounds are shared, they are promoting the critical work of landscape architects in creating these unique places. Their followers include a diverse audience of urban designers, playground aficionados, developers, parents, and play researchers.
  10. Anova Furnishings – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
    Anova uses social media to promote landscape architecture through posting “project spotlights”. This highlights landscape architects and designers by including relevant details about the project, sharing images, and promoting the design firm. Anova also supports landscape architects and leverages social media through their grant programs, where they feature the winners. Additionally, they promote various events in landscape architecture, including many continuing education opportunities they offer, which was a valuable resource for landscape architects during the pandemic.


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Please visit Land8 again in December 2021 for next year’s call for nominations!

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