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2-May-2017 – Latest News Landscape Architecture May by Brett Lezon | Edition No. 1 out of 4 In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we highlight several waterfront proposals in Seattle, Brooklyn, and Shanghai, feature the latest on Toronto’s Rail Deck Park, and examine the world’s top walkable cities. Additionally, we showcase a book about vertical gardens, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share a resource on hand drawing trees.

10 of the Best Stories in this week’s latest news in landscape architecture:

  • How to Sketch & Draw Trees – Understanding the Fundamentals [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • Six Noteworthy Developments Changing the Face of Seattle
  • Williamsburg’s Domino Sugar Factory Site to Become Six-Acre Park by James Corner Field Operations
  • Vertical Gardens [Book Review of the Week]
  • Hongkou North Bund Waterfront Masterplan and Public Realm
  • Plans Advancing Behind-the-Scenes for Toronto’s ‘Rail Deck Park’
  • How New York City Is Rediscovering Its Maritime Spirit
  • How is the New Jersey Meadowlands Planning for Climate Change?
  • Breaking the Link: City Planning Expert Andrew Salzberg On Changing the Personal Car Mindset
  • The World’s Best Walkable Cities and the Best Places to Stay to Make the Most of Your Visit

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  • How to Sketch & Draw Trees – Understanding the Fundamentals [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> How to Sketch & Draw Trees – Understanding the Fundamentals

Throughout, this 10-minute tutorial, the presenter demonstrates how to sketch and draw trees. While there are many styles when it comes to hand-drawn trees—this instructional video provides great insight and beneficial tips to improve your tree drawing abilities. Related Article: The Complete Beginners Guide to Improving Your Hand Drawing

Seattle is booming. In 2016, 68 buildings totaling $4.4 billion in value were under construction. The downtown’s residential population has surged by over 30 percent since 2000, and its ever-changing cityscape makes it difficult to pin down the number of cranes at any given time. While not everyone is thrilled about the city’s direction, there are several projects worth noting. From the highly-anticipated Pike Place MarketFront Expansion and future waterfront connection to Brooks Sports Headquarters on the Burke-Gilman Trail—these are just two positive projects occurring in Seattle. Related Article: Bill and Melinda Gates at the Forefront of Sustainable Design WATCH >>> Introducing the Pike Place MarketFront!

The Brooklyn waterfront will soon be home to another public park. Recently, it was announced the former Domino Sugar Factory site (as part of a major redevelopment) will be designed by James Corner Field Operations and open in 2018. The six-acre (2.4 hectare) swath will traverse a quarter of a mile (0.4 kilometres) along the East River waterfront and feature sports fields, lawns and gardens, and a children’s play area. “The design of Domino Park aims to create a space that will revitalise the beauty of New York City’s incredible waterfront and foster interest in the history of the site and the surrounding neighbourhood,” said Lisa Switkin of James Corner Field Operations. Related Article: Company Profile: James Corner Field Operations

Front cover of Vertical Gardens. Get it HERE!

Vertical gardening is a fun, creative way to grow plants in urban spaces. Perfect for balcony gardens, rooftops, outdoor BBQ or dining areas, and courtyards, you can make great privacy screens in high-density living environments and the leafy surrounds can create a cooling and shade-enhancing effect to unsheltered balconies and reduce heat in summer. Chapters include projects perfect for high-rise residential buildings, rooftop gardens, veggie and herb gardens and privacy screens. A wonderful guide book on how to turn your home into a lush urban jungle.Related Article: 5 Amazing Facts About Green Walls That You Didn’t Know

  • Hongkou North Bund Waterfront Masterplan and Public Realm: World Landscape Architecture

With all the buzz around waterfront development, Shanghai is looking to enter the mix, too. Situated in one of the city’s most popular spots for visitors and locals, the Bund (bordered by the Huangpu River), has historical roots and is currently being transformed into a “lifestyle hub”. Hassell was engaged by the Hongkou District Planning and Land Authority to develop the North Bund Waterfront masterplan, with its main goal of creating additional public space, improving the connections, and activating specific sites with programming. Perhaps one of the biggest feats of this proposal is the continuous 2.5-kilometre stretch of waterfront, which was previously fragmented. Related Article: Contemporary Landscape Architecture in China: Beautiful or Dangerous?

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