• You need 2 years post-graduate work experience, plus all 4 LARE exam passes to become licensed.  During the two year period you have to complete internship information on a quarterly basis.  At this time you can also take your LARE exams.  So if you do things really streamlined, you can be licensed after 2 years.  That’s the minimum.  The requ…[Read more]

  • I think it’s also largely due to the media.  Whenever a new building goes up you’ll read paragraphs about the architect who designed it.

    Whenever a new park goes up (that is also groundbreaking and spectacular and unique), there is no mention of the landscape architect.  It’s usually credited to the city, as if it magically appeared t…[Read more]

  • Never mind, I just found it!  (Surface Design for those wondering).

  • I had no idea until now that the two camps were fighting.  I don’t think of their ideas as being mutually exclusive.  Like Thomas said earlier, can’t the landscape urbanism principles be applied to new urbanist thinking, and vice versa?
    Personally I think a lot of landscape urbanism writing is ridiculously steeped in obscure “systems-speak” an…[Read more]

  • I second the suggestion of carbonmade.  
    Very nice, subtle colours and very simple layout to focus the attention on your work, looks sleek and professional (for the price you’re paying – zero!).

  • DC replied to the topic 2010 Success Stories in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 11 years ago

    This is the kind of thing I would like to hear more about on here.
    Gives me hope.

  • I think you will find some resistance to the idea on here, since we are all designers and love to do this kind of thing (most of us anyway) ourselves.  Also, a big component of a landscape architect’s training is to learn how to come up with a marketable concept for a design and to sell it to the client. 
    The thing that intrigues me is how yo…[Read more]

  • DC replied to the topic Salary Question in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 11 years ago

    First of all, Nicole Foss is a trained biologist, not a trained economist.  
    Second of all, the bank publication is using statistics with sources to back up its information, whereas Nicole Foss did not give any information to back up her statements.  
    Finally, she did not say peak oil is “kookiness”, she said Nicole Foss is kooky – as are a l…[Read more]

  • DC replied to the topic Salary Question in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 11 years ago

    If I can jump in here for a minute I’m interested in hearing what figure you started out at and how you made it up to “well over 50k” with only 5.5 years of experience?

  • As far as I know landscape architecture doesn’t have much geology in it.  I would echo a previous statement and ask why you don’t go for geology instead?
    If you like the idea of grading and drainage (the only thing I could think of that is somewhat geology-related), then yes there is a lot of that, combined with design.  But you will be doing a…[Read more]

  • DC replied to the topic Freelance Graphic Design? in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 11 years ago

    Yeah, I guess chances are I wouldn’t find anything since the market is so saturated, but it’s worth a shot…if I have enough time that is.

  • DC replied to the topic Faith Based City Planning in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 11 years ago

    I agree.  Private forces largely drive development, and it tends to be the same old same old suburban style that gets implemented.  In my opinion, it’s only because of “new” municipal policies asking for some mixed use, or slightly smaller lot sizes to accommodate slightly more density, that even a bare minimum of choice and diversity has been i…[Read more]

  • DC replied to the topic Working from home… in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 11 years ago

    I really wish more firms would consider this model!  Think of all the traffic congestion that would be reduced and the cost of overhead.
    But the idea of being a free-floating contract worker for the rest of my career doesn’t appeal to me that much.  Especially in an international and globalized economy where maybe the bulk of contract work wo…[Read more]

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