Gary Caraway

  • I’ll add breifly to what Jason T Radice mentioned.  Brown is used because it is an earthy tone.  Rock walls generally should be brown because they blend with the environment around them.  When you think landscape – you think brown and green (Notice the land8 page color scheme). In urban landscapes the use of bright colors is fine but, not in “na…[Read more]

  • I have done a few jobs on the side for friends but, have always kept it casual.  I would like to use a more formal approach like this in the future to lay out expectations before hand.  I can never seem to avoid the “never ending project”.  Would I have to have an official company (such as an LLC) for a contract like this to stand up?

  • Here’s my two cents…I think the website shows off a talent that is definately intriguing.  To me though, it doesn’t really showcase your ability to wrok with standard office software.  No office is going to ask you to work with DreamWeaver or a free template based site.  As an entrylevel employee, you will need to be able to prepare documents li…[Read more]

  • This sounds very similiar to my situation.  I was very sure I had passed, only to find out that it was not to be.  So I paid for the review, flew down to Florida (I had since moved jobs), bought a hotel, rental car, etc. and then I looked at the review for about 3 minutes.
    Technically, I had done everything correctly. Unfortuantely I failed bec…[Read more]

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