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J. Robert Wainner

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United States 75093


Born: Long Beach, California on December 1, 1949.  I was previously a Licensed Landscape Architect in the following States: Florida (10 yrs.); Texas (30 yrs.); Oklahoma; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Georgia; North Carolina; Arizona; Ohio; Virginia and Maryland.  Practiced in Colorado when no LA license was required. I now use the Title “Landscape Designer” but, I am “Retired”.


B.S.L.A. in Landscape Architecture @ Texas A&M University

Current Employment:

Self-Employed – since 1991.- NOTE: I was 59-1/2 when my Profile photo was taken.


FLICKR – Google "J. Robert Wainner" to find my FLICKR website.

Favorite Designers

My Father – Jim Wainner – Graphic Designer.
Albert David – Landscape Architect
Leonardo di Vinci
Frank Lloyd Wright
Fredrick Law Olmsted
(All of my Junior HS, High School & University Instructors/Professors…who taught me Architectural Drafting, Graphic Design, Color Rendering, Sketching & Landscape Architectural Design).

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