Kate Lynch

  • I applied to school in the UK but everytime I get on this forum I am disheartened about the conversation about lack of jobs in the field and even people questioning the viability of LA and its future. Setting that negativity aside, I am still planning on attending school overseas and hoping that the economic climate will improve. Even if it doesnt…[Read more]

  • Thank you for all the different perspectives. I too am not quite up to date with the issues surrounding the LI however I dont think those issues will be enough to sway me from attending school in the UK. In fact I have already accepted a place at Writtle. I was interested in studying abroad because i believe the programs suit my interests much…[Read more]

  • Kate Lynch replied to the topic UK or US for school? in the forum EDUCATION 14 years ago

    Thanks for the reply. It helps to get different perspectives. I’m really excited about living in the UK and getting my degree. Now I just have to hope the economy improves a bit before i re-enter the workforce.

  • I’m getting ready to enter into an MLA program in the UK in September and I have such mixed feelings about taking on this new adventure in life. After reading the thread I waiver from being discouraged to slight encouragement (chad crutcher!) about the prospects in this field. I am conflicted about whether or not this is a good decision…[Read more]

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