Raysa Molina

  • I think we can get the best of both mixing it. I always remember my ex-boss said: a person who can draw by hands can improve the ability to use the graphic softwares and apply the hand drawing skills in those software.
    I’m hand drawing person that believe in computer never going to relace the human touch, warm, dramatic effect of a hand…[Read more]

  • Raysa Molina posted an update in the group Group logo of GraphicsGraphics 15 years ago

    hi, i’d been trying to blend hand drawing with computer, and i think i got a really good renderings. after i apply style in sketchup, i draw the vegetation by hands and put it on top in photoshop. when i Apply color in photoshop, i use the wet brushes. So check my renderings and if you like I can give you more tips.

  • I attended Mike Lin graphic workshop ( 1 week) two years ago, it was very good for me. The workshop help me in a lot of areas, of course after that workshop I did my homework, it is not a magic, you have to practice in order to improve your graphic skills. At work I do a lot of photoshop renderings and after I took the workshop, I see a lot…[Read more]

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