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    steve phillips

    Boilerplater, you might like these lyrics too, or not…


    People Have the Power

    I was dreaming in my dreaming
    of an aspect bright and fair
    and my sleeping it was broken
    but my dream it lingered near
    in the form of shining valleys
    where the pure air recognized
    and my senses newly opened
    I awakened to the cry
    that the people / have the power
    to redeem / the work of fools
    upon the meek / the graces shower
    it’s decreed / the people rule

    The people have the power 

    Vengeful aspects became suspect
    and bending low as if to hear
    and the armies ceased advancing
    because the people had their ear
    and the shepherds and the soldiers
    lay beneath the stars
    exchanging visions
    and laying arms
    to waste / in the dust

    in the form of / shining valleys
    where the pure air / recognized
    and my senses / newly opened
    I awakened / to the cry

    people have the power!

    Where there were deserts
    I saw fountains
    like cream the waters rise
    and we strolled there together
    with none to laugh or criticize
    and the leopard
    and the lamb
    lay together truly bound
    I was hoping in my hoping
    to recall what I had found
    I was dreaming in my dreaming
    god knows / a purer view
    as I surrender to my sleeping
    I commit my dream to you

    People have the power

    The power to dream / to rule
    to wrestle the world from fools
    it’s decreed the people rule
    it’s decreed the people rule

    I believe everything we dream
    can come to pass through our union
    we can turn the world around
    we can turn the earth’s revolution
    we have the power

    steve phillips

    Ok, Craig,

    You can be tedious, in that it seems like you carelessly scan many posts and are too quick with a rebuttle.

    Please re-read my post.  I don’t suggest anybody to wait for a shoe to drop and also, you throw the frase “rosey future” in too many of your replies when most are just talkig about a food and a roof.  Thereby maybe that is how you missed the point of my post.  Which is:  although it might be a wonderful and “priceless” experience, Is that reason enough saddle yourself with insumountable debt?  Especially in an enconomy that is very bad and trending even worse?  Enter reality here, nothing rosey about it nor gloomy, just FACT. 

    In other words,

    You are claiming that is is better to have loved and lost,  and I am claiming plain old, unprotected sex might not be the best idea.

    steve phillips



    I think that more broad question here is about you.  Are YOU an “inny” or an “outty”?

    steve phillips

    Thanks Leslie, I just requested that you friend me.  But you never did answer my first questions!  Out of 1,000 would it be, > or < 1?  In your opinion…

    steve phillips

    Ha, ha! Craig, no YOU don’t bother me!

    The types that I do find hard to stomach are the,

    “I simply adore the Champ d’Essailes (sp) in the springtime, Not to mention the Hamptons and Capri”, types.  And the “Too wittty to be understood” types, are the most prolific posters.

    For the record, they turn me away, not scare me.  You do neither.




    steve phillips

    Most Esteemed Leslie,


    In short, are you saying that nobody knows what a Landscape Architect is?


    If I stood on a corner in N.Y.C. and asked 1,000 people, how many of the 1,000 would give even a close definition?


    P.S.  You wrote a great article about a year ago that I would like to have, would it ok if I messaged you about it?

    steve phillips

    Craig, I am confused.  “Someone going to school to better themselves is not worthless”? 

    Don’t know where to begin with that one!  GEEZ!


    Is it possible to incur huge debt with little chance to repay could be considered a little unwise?  How in these times is going to school going to “better” any one who owes 100k?


    Do you know how massive school loan debt is today?  Have you heard of the looming “education bubble”?


    What happens if the “other shoe” does drop?


    I hate to think it, I hate to even consider it too, but based on the pattern of the last 10 years, ya think it might?  Maybe…?


    I applaud your encouragemet Craig, but is that really pratical advice?


    steve phillips

    Very well said Jay, Amen to that!  Yeah, the super verbose landscape gentlemen’s club elite need to come down off of their high polo horses long enough to allow some discussion.

    steve phillips

    TraceOne, regarding the article, that just read as filler or a total non-story to me.  Caption should read:  “Could Be – But Isn’t”.


    Regarding the design,

    I have not been there so, can’t really say, but it LOOKS like, it recognizes the event and stops there.

    I agree with some other posts that I would have liked to see some message beyond the event.  Such as, “It happened, but we are strong and resilient”.


    It is not BAD, but I believe an opportunity was missed to say something more than, “This is were we got bombed.”

    steve phillips

    My, My, Eric!


    You are probably one of the 5 who have booked his trip to Estonia for the conference, it must be nice!!!   Fill us in when you get back, we are clueless, you know.

    steve phillips

    Very well said, Joshua!


    99% support them too, I believe.  The only negativity comes from the media – no suprise there.


    Your last remark…

    All it took were the less than 100 ppl to speak up last month and NOW go to youtube and look at  the throngs worldwide!  And Craig, I don’t think things need to get violent.  Today, MSNBC reports, “Fight to End Capitalism grows”.  I see this only getting bigger and that was the only thing true about the headline.

    99 to 1 are not very good odds, I know who I would put my money on…if I had any.  Yes, it will be interesting.

    steve phillips

    Your question is both intriguing and confusing at the same time, since I don’t fully understand the question, it is difficult to precisely answer it. Yet the concept interests me immensely.

    When you say, “landscape”, do you refer to “landscaping” or the “built environment” or non-developed land?

    When you say, “art”, do you refer to fine art or craft?

    Sorry I don’t remember the names of the couple who draped the Grand Canyon in orange nylon or did a installation in Central Park, N.Y.C. with the bright orange series of “archways” throughout. Or Banksey, who uses sometimes uses repetitive graffiti? Or do you refer to the Antwerp train station, “do re me”, and some of the french performance art?

    As a reaction to the static town square equestrian statute, there is an art movement, sometimes referred to as “environmental art”. A rough definition of this would be that most public art of the past could be moved almost anywhere and be equally valid. Whereas, “environmental art” is extremely site specific. This art is done for a specific spot and directly relates to its immediate environment, so it is only at home at the exact spot for which it is created.

    This is an excellent subject, but I am sorry I can’t answer the question. I assume you do not refer to the token statue of Venus or sundial as a focal point to a formal garden.

    I encourage all L.A.’s to youtube some performance art and see the movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Fascinating stuff!!!

    steve phillips

    I don’t know where you live, but they probably have a county extension service in your area. Call them and talk to the hoticulturalist and ask them to send you some info. They usually have the latest plantlist that do well in the geographical area that you are working as well as any soil ammendments that you should be aware of. Also, don’t forget to just walk around and see for yourself which plants are working and which are not. I am sure that you can guess how long a plant has been in the ground just by looking at it. Also, if you see some good plant combinations, COPY them…it is the best form of flattery!

    steve phillips


    How about this? Since we do not know who our government is or what it is doing. How about a new reality show, like “Hell’s Kitchen”? This way, you get to know your politician’s name, what he or she is supposed to do, etc., and vote them on or off, based on performance? Again, just a thought….

    steve phillips


    Hey just brainstorming here, but how about another reality show, “Dancing with the Government”? Well, it is just an IDEA!…. Somehow, the masses need to get imformed! I agree with you, Nick, but don’t think your “boycott” will work.

    Craig, Got any better ideas? I sure hope you do!

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