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    I used to work at a large format printing business at the University I attended. We had Canon plotters, and a KIP laser printer. The KIP prints very quickly (around 10 seconds per 24×36) and has a scanner.The KIP we had was black and white only, and was perfect for CAD drawing sets. They offer a colour version too that prints almost as quickly. I have fond memories of the KIP, even though ours was very old it was a solid work horse and very inexpensive to print on a per squarefoot basis.

    The Canons were excellent, but were significantly more costly on a per squarefoot basis but also offered full colour presentation quality prints on a variety of different papers. We often would feed custom sheets (thicker Strathmore, Canson or Vellum usually) into the printer for presentation drawings. They turned out beautifully.

    I would recommend looking into which companies have service technicians available in your city, as no matter what you get you will highly likely eventually need to get the printers serviced at some point. Also check on local availability of ink and paper.


    I think that giving him an overview of different kinds of design would be valuable. Before I specialised, I regularly perused Azure, Wallpaper, and Metropolis Magazines as they have a bit of everything – architecture, interior design, graphic arts, industrial design and of course a wee bit of landscape architecture too. They cover projects of varying scales – some residential and many commercial. Dwell is a solid choice as well, with more of a focus on residential architecture, if I remember correctly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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