Now Available: AutoCAD for Mac

I thought the iPhone on verizon was too good to be true. Now, Mac supports AutoCAD…Can it be?

For all of you devout Mac users, you will no longer need to run Windows (via parallels or boot camp) on your Mac in order to harness the power of AutoCAD. Autodesk announced that it has officially returned to Mac OS X after an 18 year absence.

They did not stop there. Autodesk is also bringing an AutoCAD app to the iPad and iPhone that will allow users to import, modify and export CAD files on the go.

They are enticing potential users with a 30-day free trial. Though, after the 30 days, you are looking at a hefty price tag of $3,995 USD (MSRP).

AutoCAD offers an intuitive interface with a look and feel that will be familiar to Mac users.

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  1. Try the “Trial” 30 day free download. My questions are: 1. Can I get a plotter driver compatible with my HP 1055cmPlus plotter (postscript doesn’t seem to work)? 2. Can I import Pages or other Mac text files for keys and specifications (OLE isn’t supported)? On the up-side – raster images seem to import fine.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited about the prospect of dumping Bootcamp, Fusion, Vista and Word – I just need to make sure I can meet production deadlines first. I’m only on day 1 of my “Trial” so maybe others can post their experiences.

    Go Steve!

  2. Sadly, it does not support ‘older’ Macs. My Macbook Pro is only 4 yrs old and it will not load. There are several other functions that are not supported (like DXF). Because it is on the Mac format, there will not be any upgrade prices so the hefty $4k makes it out of reach for a lot of folks. With many firms like mine who are slashing their computer and equipment budgets, a new Mac and seat of Autocad will have to wait.

    I am a long-time Autocad user, but I am waiting for Briscad to come out with their Mac version at the end of the year. Their Linux version works well (and I can run it on a virtual machine IN my Mac), and it is only $320.

    good idea, Autocad- bad economic timing.

  3. $3995 + FX software = lots of cash. I’m very happy with landmark vectorworks for under $3000. It is BIM savvy, every bit as powerful as AutoCAD, and has always been mac based. Can translate from vwx. to DXF / DWG files, though tricky, point is, it can be done. Whether AutoCAD, Vectorworks, or some other software this technology will continue to evolve. Which system do you choose? At the price point, for me it’s Vectorworks.

  4. YES!

  5. Student version only $195! Vectorworks gets a run for its money.

  6. Thanks for all the comments, everyone. From the sound of it, there are a few hurdles that Autodesk still needs to overcome. One, being the price. The others relating more to getting users acquainted with the new interface and file/driver compatibility (as Paul pointed out).

    I am on a PC at work and run AutoCAD with Land F/X. However, I have a Mac at home. I have said all along that if I were to start fresh, then I would go with Vectorworks. Hands down. With this announcement, though, it makes me second guess which solution to choose. In the next blog post, I plan to investigate the pros and cons of both programs.

  7. Finally

  8. Land F/X had in it mind if I remember correctly. We may see Land F/X running in AutoCAD for Macs soon.

  9. Basha, I’m not sure if I understand your post, since Vectorworks’ student license is free, which is actually Vectorworks Designer and includes all of the available industry modules and Renderworks.

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