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  • Brian,  I’ve been using the “cloud” function in AutoCAD for years to outline a plant grouping, and then taking the area that AutoCAD will give you for that cloud, divide by the square of the plant spacing for that particular type of plant and label the “cloud” with the plant abbreviation and quantity.  I started this in frustration with gr…[Read more]

  • I used to run Windows Vista on an iMac in a partition (for AutoCAD), and I tried Fusion and it worked for me for a while, but not crisply which is important when you are on a deadline and need to just work hard.  When I needed to up-grade my iMac, I bought another iMac and just put the two side-by-side.  I use the old iMac solely as a PC now (…[Read more]

  • Paul Deering posted an update in the group Group logo of ToposTopos 13 years, 6 months ago

    I don’t mean to be negative, but I’ve been after Topos for maybe 3 years now to start an on-line version of their magazine. Seems kind of in the spirit of the content don’t you think? I don’t take paper anymore – magazines or newspapers – and yes I pay for the ones that provide good content and present themselves well. How about an iPad App Topos?…[Read more]

  • I’ll pass along that I’ve been with Leatzow for maybe 15 years now and I’ve found them responsive by US mail, phone and email, and having been through two lawsuits with them, I have to say they’ve been great. I’ve been in business for over 30 years in California, so two suits is probably not bad, though at the time any lawsuit is horrible.…[Read more]

  • On a related subject, I’ll pass along that there is a straightforward way to move AutoCAD files to Photoshop. You probabably know that AutoCAD doesn’t provide a “save as” or “export” to Photoshop (probably intentionally because they want you to use their own products for rendering). An inexpensive program “Bluebeam” acts as a printer from AutoCAD…[Read more]

  • I don’t think BIM will be of much use in landscape architecture until it is integral to civil engineering and architecture both. In our landscape architectural work, there is a constant back-and-forth between what we do, the civil’s work and the architect’s work. I’ve been asking civil engineers for a couple of years now about BIM and the reply is…[Read more]

  • Roland,

    The recession gave my wife and I (partners in our LA business of 30 years) the time to completely re-landscape our house. We removed all shrubs and groundcovers and all pavement except the driveway. This proved to be important because the grading could be done right (50 years of soil build-up and settling in and around the plants could…[Read more]

  • I’ve been aware of SSI but hadn’t seen their latest report. Go to:
    You’ll find a link to the report on the first page. I must say, the “documentation” requirements suggested in this report read like an undergraduate studio assignment for a year-long class. My recent work on a small LEED project looks like a total of…[Read more]

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