Simple DIY Gardening Projects You can Do This Summer

Simple DIY Gardening Projects You can Do This Summer

Summer is the season where nature ultimately displays itself courtesy of the palatable solar rays which consistently shine on flowers and other plants revealing their natural colour. Since gardens exquisitely thrive in such conditions, it is advisable to have your garden at its best during this time. It is the most ideal season to flaunt a colourful and thoughtfully designed garden. Your garden also needs to be gorgeous and well-organized because you family may be spending most of the summer outdoor time in it. It would otherwise be quite embarrassing hosting a summer barbeque in an untidy and dull garden. Fortunately, you do not have to hire professionals to design and organize your garden. You can efficaciously improve it through simple and worthwhile DIY projects. Here are some simple ideas meant to give your garden a fresh, pleasant look: Paint Some Rocks

Painting Rocks

Painting ordinary rocks into features|credit: All About Cats

In addition to the grass and flowers rocks are another element which is in plenty in and around the garden. They should not be left lying haphazardly around the garden since this is hazardous and makes the garden look untidy. You should rather thoughtfully include them in the overall garden design. For instance, they could be neatly arranged along the paths and garden hedges. A more creative solution to the rocks is painting them to add more colour and magnificence to your garden. The colours should however be carefully chosen to ensure that they match with the flowers and the garden vegetation. Ensure that you use sturdy water proof paint which remains in tact in different climatic conditions. Introduce Hanging Glass Jar Lanterns
Glass lanterns can really liven up a garden

Glass lanterns can really liven up a garden

Hanging flower pots could be ingeniously coupled with glass jar lanterns which are especially useful in improving the garden’s ambience at night. However, you do not have to shop for glass lanterns especially if you have several unused glass jars around the house. The jars can be easily converted into glass jar lanterns and hanged in strategic corners around the garden. For the central part of the garden, erected posts would be quite effective in firmly holding the lanterns. Build Beds
Tyre planters

Tyre planters, painted up, sure to grab someone’s attention.

Garden beds are effectual in creating a magnificent disparity of levels in the garden. Although beds are mostly built by concrete and rocks, you can make a sturdy one using old tyres. Tyres are quite handy and convenient in handy in making beds where flowers and other garden plants can be planted. Medium sized tyres are ideal for most gardens since they do not occupy a lot of space and can hold a sizable amount of soil. Repaint Your Gates
Time to paint those old gates|Credit:Photo by akakapa

Time to paint those old gates|Credit:Photo by akakapa

Sticking to the same gate colour over a long time is quite boring and dreary. Therefore,having your gates repainted is a worthwhile DIY project. Pick a new colour which suitably matches your garden’s flowers and paint it on the garden gates. Article written by guest writer Mr. Andres P. Ong Enjoy what you’ve read! Support us and pick up one of our awesome T-shirts and hoodies today, Click the link

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