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Welcome to this week’s Sketchy Saturday, where each week people from all over the globe send in their creative handy work, ranging in style, technique and quality. Making our ongoing gallery one of the most diverse in the world. This week we showcase some real raw etchy techniques as well as the more pristine attempts at artistic representation, creating a fully rounded top 10 that is sure to inspire you into grabbing your sketch pad and creating some of your own works of art. Here is this week’s Top 10: 10. by Marta Simacsek, Master’s Degree in Architecture


Marta Simacsek, Master’s Degree in Architecture

“I am mesmerized by the progress of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the last 2 decades. This drawing was made to study the unusual and curly forms of this sky scraper. I used Stabilo fine liner marker pens and fiber pens for this sketch, and a minimal final touch in Photoshop.”

9. by Patrick F NelliganColebrook, 5th Year Student of Landscape Architecture at Penn State University,  CT. USA
Patrick F,  USA

Patrick F, USA

“This sketch, created with colored pencils and ink on white chipboard is a recreation of a 1954 Frank Lloyd Wright design for the V.C. Morris House titled, “Seacliff”. For me this drawing illustrates a quite literal definition of Landscape Architecture and displays the harmony that can be created with architecture and its surroundings”. 8. by Teodora Popa a high school senior from Brasov, Romania

Teodora Popa, Romania

“I have made this sketch as part of my preparation for the college admission test. This drawing represents the building named ‘Modarom'(1970-1972), a great example of expressionism”. 7. by Peter McQuillan

Peter McQuillan

“This sketch was done a few years ago for RSA land archs in London to illustrate a design for a proposed city Piazza in a new district of Dubai. We were looking to create useful large spaces despite the hot climate – so for example some areas are flooded – there are shade structures and the stone paving is broken up. The sketch is done with a drawing pen on trace and coloured in photoshop – the view is created by looking at a plan and a lot of guesswork”. 6. by Alvaro Zepeda, Mexico

Alvaro Zepeda, Mexico

 “This sketch was made in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. It is the Templo Mayor and it’s one of the several Mayan temples in the zone. It’s considered a medium size temple when compared with Tikal or Copan. It’s believed it had been built around 615 or 683. It’s very well preserved and a very unique example of a religious building in the Mayan culture”. 5. by Major in International Relations from Syracuse University 


Maria Elena

The use of thick lines in this drawing really help us to grasp the atmosphere of an impressive, yet dirty and polluted city that still manages to be rich in character and a strong sense of place.  The murky waters, the dim yellow lights and the charcoal black shadows all come together to create an atmosphere that is unique to city living, while not desirable it still becomes a place we are drawn to, over and over again. 4. by Eugene Dizon Baul ( from Philippines )  Design Director in Shenzhen China ” In this sketch, we wanted to show the transition and the relationship of the hotel which is elevated by 3 meters, to the main landscape axis, the feature nodes going to the East and West axis and the mid- rises apartments on both sides. We were only given 1.5 weeks to finish the concept package. It took me 2 days to do my sketch concept. I did this on A2 tracing paper, pen and ink and markers”.

Eugene Dizon Baul , Philippines

3. by Huy N. Nguyen, Master of Architecture Student

Huy N. Nguyen, USA

“This is a sketch of landscape of University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. Pencil still is my main material and method. With just black and white, bright and dark, I think pencil can create a magic with beautiful drawings. The place in the sketch is my favorites at the University of Notre Dame. Indiana is a very flat land so the hilly place like the one in the drawing is pretty rare. I just love hilly terrain, especially hilly grassland adorned with creek and trees. The combination of these factors brings you a feeling of endlessness but in the same time, a sense of private, “secret” spaces”. 2. by Dean Coker

Dean Coker

“One great way to enhance a landscape design is with careful selection and placement of potted plants. These three beauties were near my home in San Diego, California. I drew them using ordinary drafting pencils, primarily F and HB, on carefully selected tracing paper. Also, the tracing paper was mounted on a backing paper that had a particular texture and thickness I felt necessary to gain the ‘feeling’ of the scene. Also, I draw wearing jewelers glasses. My vision is fine, but to achieve this texture I find the magnification very helpful”. 1. by  Tung Xuan Dang,  Architect – ATEK Architects, Vietnam

Tung Xuan Dang, Vietnam

“This sketch was created 1 year ago, an exercise at my university on the subject of Bach Thao Garden, Hanoi, Vietnam. What I drew isn’t completely the same to the reality of it,I feel 30% of this picture reflects my imagination, with more colors, and mysterious trees that allow me to go to another world in my dreams. The sketch was done with Leningrad watercolors on galgo paper”. – Thanks for joining us for this week’s Sketchy Saturday, we do hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired you into creating some of your own artistic expressions. Check out the Sketchy Saturday official Facebook album and see literally 1,000’s of incredible sketches! If you want to take part send your entries into us at Recommended reading: Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing by 3DTotal Article written by Scott D. Renwick

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