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Sketchy Saturday

Welcome to another dazzling display of sketchy talent from around the globe. Your work never fails to excite us and clearly our readership too as last week’s Sketchy Saturday was our most popular yet. In this week’s top 10 we start of with a doodle sketched at the breakfast table, which is a great example of how you can literally sketch anywhere and express your creative talent. I guarantee when this sketch by Antony (no. 10 Below) was being done that he had no idea that it would be seen by 1,000’s of people world wide, inspiring others and encouraging many more to sketch for themselves. This is what drives Sketchy Saturday, showcasing moments of creativity in order to inspire others.  Keep on scrolling and check out all 10 of this week’s Sketchy Saturday. 10. Antony Comrie, principal Greeninc at South Africa

Skechy Saturday

Antony Comrie, South Africa

“This is a breakfast doodle drawn at the breakfast table in Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa before rushing off to work. Dreaming about a place without cars. Fine, black, felt tip pen in Moleskin sketchbook. Photographed in the morning sun with IPhone 5″. 9. Patrick O’Keeffe , Landscape Architecture student, United States 

Patrick O’Keeffe, United States

A quick hand sketch by Patrick, using an sharp but light stroke to capture the ruggedness of the wild and natural landscape. While the trees do appear to be placed there, they have certainly not been tamed. Perhaps this is the wish of the owner of the space, or a result of a neglected garden. 8.  Megha Shroff, JR Architect, from Ahmedabad, India

Megha Shroff, India

With little to no detail in spaces this sketch is all about capturing the atmosphere, which is created in this tight alleyway, using images of the outline of people to capture scale with the buildings on either side bearing down over them. Perhaps creating a feeling of safety or a feeling that makes you want to move through the space as quickly as possible. 7.  Andrea Reid, final year Landscape Architecture student at Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.

Andrea Reid, New Zealand.

“My motivation for this sketch was to capture the austere beauty of an aspect of Auckland City that is often over-looked. The drawing has many layers including pencil, charcoal and pastel. Location is Albert St in Auckand City, New Zealand”.

6. Fuad Pumarejo, Architect

Fuad Pumarejo

“This is a painting that I made about a landscape of the guajira in Colombia. I’m an architect, something that I love particularly of this landscape is the traditional architecture made from the people of la guajira, Also the color of the sea and the hammocks”.

5. Abdulla Firag

Abdulla Firag

A simple yet effective sketch by Abdulla, showcasing small trees on roving hills that from any other distance would appear to be lost, but in this picture the trees form a central binding focus, that greatly enhances the overall perception of the scene. 4. Bhoy Biluan People using space is always a strong indication if a place is successful or not, in this image the artist captures the hustle and bustle of clusters of people actively participating in the space, while the plants above their heads create the feeling of an open and desirable space.

Bhoy Biluan

3.  Moira Bering, landscape architecture student at Texas tech , USA

Moira Bering, USA

A classically designed small outdoor space, that appears to be a delightful entrance to someone’s home. a delicate blend of plants comes together nicely to offer a soothing planting palette, that works well with the decorative paving pattern. The archway is used to great effect, creating a grand entrance out of an otherwise rather small one.  2. Bhoy Biluan


Bhoy Biluan

It was a really tough call on whether this should of got the number one position of not, but in the end it just missed out, the ornate details above the pillars, the classical water fountain in the background and the stunning visual of people who look like they are dressed for a 1950’s movie, all come together to create a distinctive time and place. 1. Sebastian Pajek, 3rd year student of architecture and urban planning, Poland

Sebastian Pajek, Poland

“This sketch was made during a drawing lesson. It shows a footbridge in the park. The sketch was drawn in pencil (hb, 2b, 4b) on a sheet of 50x70cm. Everything is made of steel. Steel structures create a footbridge. Rings are lined with fiber-cement. It also contains stainless steel handrails. The lower part is finished with a plastic coating” – That’s this week’s Sketchy Saturday  top 10, congratulations to all of you who featured, it really is a challenging task, with so much awesome talent out there. Check out the Sketchy Saturday official Facebook album and see literally 1,000′s of incredible sketches! Follow all the winning entries on our dedicated Sketchy Saturday Pinterest page. If you want to take part send your entries into us at Recommended reading: Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing by 3DTotal Article written by Scott D. Renwick
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