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This week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10. Welcome to this week’s edition of Sketchy Saturday; this week’s sketches are breathtaking, with some Sketchy Saturday regulars dipping into their portfolio and wowing us with their talent as well as some first timers throwing their hat into the ring, bidding to be featured on our international and ever growing world stage. Sketchy Saturday is a melting pot of talent made up from contributions from around the globe, including professionals, students, and sketching enthusiasts; making the top 10 very tricky to judge. 10. by Nayeli Pérez Contreras from México, architecture student


By Nayeli Pérez

“This is a perspective of two vanishing points based on Mexican landscape architecture. It is a water purifying factory from the 19th century, remodeled by one of the most renowned Mexican architects, Ricardo Legorreta and the group Serrano Monjaráz Arquitectos. It represent both sides, colonial and contemporary architecture. The sketch is done in pencil and then painted in watercolor.” 9. by Ketaki Godbole-Randiwe, Principal Landscape Architect, Baghorama (name of my firm), Pune, India

By Ketaki Godbole-Randiwe

“This sketch is a part of the design development process for a small landscape in India. We use sketching as a medium for connecting with the space, as it gives us a much better sense of scale. All preliminary designs are worked out via sketches. The medium used is black ink on plain A5 paper.”  – Location: Basavkalyan, Andhra Pradesh, India. 8. by Daniel Dillenburg, Landscape Architect from Bladihaus Architects

By Daniel Dillenburg

“The sketch is a study for the backyard of a residence in Porto Alegre (South of Brazil) and it shows the pool area with a gazebo. The client wanted to see all the potential of the garden such as the view from inside the house. It was made basically with Unipin and Promarker pens.” 7. by Beatriz de Pina Castiglione. Landscape Architect from the University of Porto, Portugal

By Beatriz de Pina Castiglione

“This drawing is my own interpretation of the gardens of S.Martinho de Tibães Monastery, one of my favourite places in the North of Portugal. The Monastery was found at the end of the 10th c., although it was in the 17th c. an 18th c. that it reached a particular importance. The garden is composed with sophisticated elements such as an incredible stairway and a beautiful vegetation composition. Its colours and lights are impressive. Along the spaces all your senses are stimulated in a delightful experience that inspires drawing all the time. It is a place full of beauty, mystery and fantasy. An irresistible treasure for the lovers of art.” 6. by Archit Singh, Landscape Artist, Graduate Student of National Institute of Technology (Department of Architecture),Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India

By Archit Singh

“This sketch was a part of an assignment of my Sketching Trip to Shimla (India). The scenic beauty and design of this building motivated me to draw. I have tried my skills to develop my expertise of perspective drawing and drawing skills. My teacher was very impressed with this Landscape Art.” – Style: Freehand, Realism – Location: Shimla (India). 5.  by André Diogo, Brazil

By André Diogo

“This is an exercise 2VP for my workshop. It took me 5 hours. I worked a lot in my own style to create this work.” 4. by Djordje Pralica, from Serbia “This sketch was a part of project done for my architectural studies. The sketch by itself represents part of design process while experimenting with the negative impacts of the design of buildings on their environment. Through sketches I wanted to study energies and intensities of various volumes and to express my thoughts. Technique is simple, the sketch was done on regular white sheet of paper with colored pencils.”

By Djordje Pralica

3.  by Martyna Stapińska, student, University of Rzeszów

By Martyna Stapińska

“I made this sketch because I wanted to show how landscape architecture can solve the problem of a modern gateway to a park and also show how my proposition will look like on a paper and not only in my imagination. I wanted to see how my idea fitted in the space of the park and whether it would be practical.” – The drawing was made on B2 paper, I used only pencil – 2b and 8b. 2. by Fred M Tabajonda, Landscape / irrigation designer in Bahrain since 1988, Philppines.


By Fred M Tabajonda

“This fountain (ruined facade) was conceptualized to hide the pump room for irrigation system and the dogs house of a villa in Bahrain; the design of the villa was old colonial with touches of Roman ornaments and sculptures. The sketch was of a dilapidated wall with arcs and columns with brick wall plaster corroded.” 1. by Wiktor Kłyk, landscaper

By Wiktor Kłyk

”The Sketch was made during plein-air art held at the Łasztownia in Szczecin, Poland. It shows the building of the Old slaughterhouse located at the port area in the new arrangement. I see this place as the new heart of my city.” – Style: aquarelle paper, pen & Ink – Location: Lasztownia In Szczecin, Poland – Material used: concrete and wood, Teres Carpinus betulus „Fastigiata’. – That’s this week’s Sketchy Saturday Top 10, congratulations to all of you who featured, you have came out on top of a very talented bunch of people. Check out the Sketchy Saturday official Facebook album and see literally 1,000′s of incredible sketches! Follow all the winning entries on our dedicated Sketchy Saturday Pinterest page. If you want to take part send your entries into us at Recommended reading:

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