9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects (Part 1)

9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects (Part 1)

Short Youtube videos have to be one of modern day life’s little perks, information at your fingertips, instant gratification and if you’re lucky you may just discover something! However if we’re being totally honest, how often are we watching these short flashes of entertainment out of procrastination as opposed to learning something? We’ve complied a list of Youtube’s finest videos that will keep the landscape architect inside you entertained without the guilt of procrastination! 1. Tiger Stone Road Paving Machine  You can’t help but look at this video and be in awe of the sheer awesomeness of it’s engineering prowess, how many countless hours would it save, how much back breaking labor could be avoided and how much faster would they get quality roads built? One thing everybody points out about this video is the machines inability to go around tight bends and corners, but I don’t think we can really hold that against it, given how much work it could do. This video was viewed over 2,000,000 times 2. I Want to be a Landscape Architect The ultimate reference video for anybody who wants to learn more about landscape architecture. This epic video effectively takes the broadness of landscape architecture and somehow ties it up into a perfect and exciting video. The producers Room60 certainly did the profession proud! This video was viewed over 130,000 times 3. Tree Transplanting with ArborCo Melbourne Never before has moving a tree been so EPIC! With the carefully selected music and pop up windows in the video this is a must watch. The only thing this video is missing is an action hero and some explosions. You can check out this professional Australian based  Arborists at This video was viewed over 640,000 times

4. The Dubai Fountain – Time to Say Goodbye

We all love a water feature, and we all love landscape lighting as it always manages to enhance the landscape and create a whole new experience. Watch what happens when you take an incredible water feature and cross it with one of world’s most loved and powerful songs, the results are sensational. The only thing better than this video would be to go to Dubai and see it for real! This video was viewed over 720,000 times. 5. 100 Year Old Compton Oak Move Successful in League City It’s certainly no secret that trees do not want to be moved. When you decide to move any tree, you always have to account for risk and the older the tree the bigger the risk; which makes moving a 100 year old Oak tree all the more impressive. This video was viewed over 220,000 times. 6. The History of Man – The Ugly Version It’s hard to tell if this video is incredibly sad or incredibly entertaining. Easily one of the best environmental animations I ever seen. With its friendly, non-abrasive way of telling the truth, this is the video everybody needs to see! Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world. Music: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg. This video has been viewed over 8,700,000 times 7. Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire Hand drawing skills are an integral part of landscape architecture, always have been, always will be, but what this artist did would put even the most talented landscape architect to shame,  the extent of his ability will leave your mind blown. This video was viewed over 3,460,000 times. 8. Thomas Heatherwick’s ‘Spun’ installation in Southbank Centre Square Finally somebody decided that the landscape could be fun for adults, yes that’s right apparently we don’t have to give up playing once we enter into adult hood, there is hope and landscape architects are bringing it. This video was viewed over 34,000 times. 9. Hypnotizing Wind Machine WARNING! This may be the last video you ever watch. The powerful hypnotic effects and mesmerizing music will take you to your happy place. This is the most shared video we have ever had on our Facebook page! What I love about this piece of art is the organic feel of it, it’s not just a sculpture, it’s alive, it’s moving so organically it’s like looking at some exotic jellyfish on the national geographic. Check out the artist’s website: Anthony Howe Thanks for checking out our 9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects, proving that you can learn something relevant and procrastinate at the same time. We know there’s more, if you know of a Youtube video that landscape architects would benefit from and which is also entertaining, please leave a comment or email us your suggestion to See also: Top 10 Documentaries for Landscape Architects 9 Unmissable Youtube Videos for Landscape Architects (Part 2) Article written by Scott D. Renwick Feature image: Youtube printscreen

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