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Sketchy Saturday

This week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10. Sketchy Saturday never fails to impress us. But what particularly impressed us this week was the descriptions people wrote. They had passion in their words, which matched the passion on display in their images. Passion is the vital ingredient when it comes to success. You can study all you want, you can work for as long as you want and as hard as you want, but without a foundation of passion to guide you, you’ll never be great at what you do. You may become a well respected professional, but you will lack the passion and, therefore, the drive, dedication and commitment to stand out from the crowd. Each one of these sketches is passion manifested for the whole world to see. Enjoy this week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10! 10. by William Corbin Newton, by 4th-year landscape architecture student at the University of Georgia, USA

Sketchy Saturday

By William Corbin Newton

“This piece was done for a two-week landscape architecture field sketching class, the emphasis being on perspectives. The medium used is watercolor on cold press 140 lb paper. It was done on location on Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA”. 9. by Ben Podd, Garden designer / landscaper, Country – Hampshire, UK
Sketchy Saturday

By Ben Podd

“The sketch was presented to a client as a perspective image for a design I had made for them, this is normal for my design presentations. The sketch was done as a section rendered one-point perspective drawing. The garden is a residential garden in Hampshire, UK. The design is a brick square seating area – hardwood decking seats, with a fire pit in the centre and horizontal baton screen at the rear includes a “window” to extend the garden. Sandstone paving throughout”. Drawing Related Articles:

8. by Klaus Ostendorf “Over many years I did voluntary work in developing countries like Africa and India. Also, I travelled to the desert countries Egypt and Morocco. In most of these places, there are problems with a shortage of water. There are of course magnificent rivers flowing through their countries, but the problem is always to transport this water inland to their farms and villages and also into the deserts. While pondering this problem I got this idea to design a mighty bridge over these rivers. In principal, I did copy the Aqueducts of the old Romans. I had studied them before in Italy, Spain and also in Turkey. This bridge could house many terrace living quarters and also transport water in great channels on top of this bridge. This Bridge could be self-efficient with electricity through sun collectors on top of this waterway. On top of this bridge, there is a waterway and also an Autobahn designed. Also electricity- and telephone cables could have a place. Water can be transported deep into the country and into the desert. So would also this motorway and canals run deep into deserts and the country, and, therefore, would be connected with capital cities”. The drawing was in the style of a freehand perspective. I used Ink-pen, colour pencils and Photoshop”.

Sketchy Saturday

By Klaus Ostendorf

7. by Simon Paulais, Student in Landscape Architecture in Angers, France
Sketchy Saturday

Simon Paulais

“I really enjoy drawing, but this sketch was part of a work exercise on a field day in the frame of my study of landscape architecture. The building is the science university of Angers in France, where I study. We had 45 minutes time to sketch it and work on the perspective. Then I took a photograph and spent a bit more time afterwards to emphasize the shadows and contrasts in order to create more depth in the drawing. I only used pencils for this sketch”. 6. by  Kamil Dadon, from Poland, an architecture student at De Montfortu University in Leicester. 
Sketchy Saturday

By Kamil Dadono

“The reason for making that sketch was to illustrate my design idea for my University term project.It is located in Leicester city center. The sketch is made by mixed media, I used many techniques to make it, beginning from a simple pencil drawing”. Recommended reading:

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